Fourth Age 1000 - Ongoing

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  • Milennial Celebration in Western Lands: The Three Isles, Bardum, Dagandal, and Port Shagal celebrated the milennium with a week-long feast, with temples, civic associations, and merchant associations engaging in public acts of largesse. Historical plays appear to have been particularly popular throughout the Isles that year, with several acting companies in sufficient demand that they then sailed to Port Shagal and then Dagandal to perform. Such a thing would have been unheard-of in previous years due to the sheer difficulties involved in travelling that far.


  • Mogaroth Moves! Mogaroth, apparently alarmed at rumors of renewed Dhazzir activity in the Snowy Peaks, has moved to fortify several passes in the area, constructing an "Iron Chain" from the peaks to the coastline, of which the Iron Tower is in the center. Urmen from the Skullcrusher tribe are tasked with taking the Tower of Hulbart, which they do easily, as there is effectively no opposition save for a small observation team from the Isles which immediately withdraws rather than offering a numerically-suicidal combat.
  • Saurians stationed in the Skullcrusher swamp are said to be active in directing the creation of a number of small border forts and observation posts. These are constructed on a line from the Iron Tower to the Tower of Hulbart, suggesting that Mogaroth's moves are intended for a strategic offense coupled with playing on the tactical defensive (as any aggressive moves against the Isles would require significant materiel to be moved up to the opposing shoreline).


  • Sanctian Navy Expands: The Sanctians, never previously known as a naval power, have greatly expanded their naval facilities along the northern coast, with the eastern section of Port Safe Haven being entirely taken over for the use of military vessels. This was seen as necessary to secure the Gate of Chaos, as Sanctia's economy is increasingly reliant upon commerce on the Fierce Sea and Sea of Sharks, notably several rich contracts trading wool and grains to Mubuluk for manufactured items and luxuries.


  • Slaughter in the Grey Fens: Evidence of a major battle in the Grey Fens was witness by Islean scouts on 8 Thilian, with "heaps of dead on all sides." Narghali and Fearanni forces appear to have made a concerted push to control the Fens' coastline, and done so successfully. With Saurians able to enter the western portion of the Grey Fens more or less at will, the degree of true control exercised over the Fens' interior by Narghal is open to speculation.


  • Mubuluk legitimizes Mysticism! A mystic visiting Ngozi from Port Wanjala appears to have inadvertently set a major precedent. While Mubuluki law still officially honors its centuries-old tradition of allowing only the worship of Zurkan, the Mubuluki courts, in a stunning decision, judged that once Mubuluk accepted Port Wanjala as a protectorate and guaranteed its cultural autonomy, that guaranteed the residents of Port Wanjala freedom to travel without fear of harassment within Mubuluk. While the merchant in question was not an active acolyte, merely offering a small sacrifice of drink to The Spawn, as is the local custom within Port Wanjala, the court then went further in the course of its arguments. When conservatives in the court argued that Mubuluki could simply claim residence at the Port in order to wish whoever they pleased, the other judges answered that such deceptions were unbecoming of the grandeur and law of the Mubuluki Empire, whose continued survival did not depend upon whether individuals worshipped ancient deities, or in temples dedicated to more recent ones. The "innovators" on the court did agree, however, that certain cults, such as that of Ath-Rag and Cnaghu, showed a market tendency to create mayhem and disorder, and had no place within a civilized society, and should remain illegal.
  • Southern Mubuluk appears to be greatly displeased with this decision, which is widely and correctly-considered to be a stunning victory on behalf of the Northerners, whose activity now represents at least 75% of Mubuluk's economy. The bureaucrats are now accepting applications from various temples to see which will officially recognized and thus freed from (some kinds of) taxation. Meanwhile, Port Wanjala has had to agree to alter its local laws to accept the illegality of Cnaghu and Ath-Rag, which is technically in violation of the treaty, but whose cults are essentially non-existent on the island, anyway. Wanjalan forebearance appears to be allowing the Southern Districts to thus at least save face.


  • Three Isles Emigration: While it would be a severe overstatement to say that the Three Isles have been abandoned, it is notable that over the past ten years, the Isles have lost almost ten percent of their population strictly to outbound emigration, as individuals from all three Isles appear to seek opportunities on the Central and Fierce Sea, and even around the Sea of Sharks. The age-old eruption of Mount Doom appears to have permanently altered the balance of power in the Charun and some Islean emigres are openly skeptical as to whether the Three Isles can survive the obviously-oncoming fight for the Charun at all.


  • Sanctian and Isles Sign Naval Alliance! The Sanctians and Isleans signed the Treaty of Cooperation on 2 Zurkan, in which it is stated that the Central and Fierce Seas are the express territory of humanity and the Mórail (who were not consulted, but are expressly invited to cooperate should they be so inclined), with the safety of any and all human and Mórail vessels guaranteed insofar as it lay within the power of the two Navies to achieve this.
  • The Atlir were invited to sign the Treaty, but demurred for the present, arguing that their position in the Old Lands was sufficiently removed that it would be very difficult to uphold its terms. This was accepted at face value, as military observers and commentators note that Atalheim already has a significant burden patrolling the Sea of Storms, which is not shared by either Sanctia or The Isles, but in theory might be invoked. Serious observers thus assumed the tender to the Atlir to be one of courtesy only.


  • Smoke in the Snowy Peaks: Unexplained columns of dense smoke were seen rolling into the sky from the Tower of Hulbart, recurring throughout the course of 1056. It is not known what is causing the fires, nor what might be serving as sufficient fuel for them. The Army of the Isles cannot step up recruiting due to fiscal constraints, but has been going out of its way to retain veterans, and is now openly offering scouting missions to freelancers and adventurers, as the future of the Charun seems to be increasingly in doubt.

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