Frago Farrowbar

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876 III - 913 III

(Character played by Shadews during the NWN1 installement of WoC)


The Great

Frago, or Frago the Great as he called himself, was one of the most famous individuals in the last decade of the Third Age. His name, face and deeds were spoken of across the realms, among both the high and the low.

He was at times hailed a hero, only to be wanted and hunted in the same nation a month later, leading to him seeing the interior of most cells across the realms, always “falsely” accused of course. Regardless of his disrespect of law and order, Frago surprised many through taking part in both honourable and heroic deeds, out of which many are legendary this day. Some claim that the Half-Man merely stumbled upon the opportunities, seizing them to make a few gold pieces and work on his own fame – whilst others say that he actually fought for what was right when needed. Whatever the reasons were, one thing is certain. Frago enjoyed fame and he began referring to himself as Frago the Great long before people could spell his name.

Frago stood about an inch shorter than the average Half-Man and there was more often than not a smile, smirk or grin on his face. The bright brown eyes gleamed of mischief and his messy hair looked like it got into a fight with a brush, only adding to his childish good looks and charm. He grew up on a farm in the outskirts of Hillyfield as the only child, where he mostly caused trouble and avoided work. A longing for adventure and excitement (as well as quarrels with his father) finally drove him from home. The young Half-Man was determined to make it on his own and he soon found friends amongst a band of Journeymen, with whom he travelled and worked with for about a year. After departing from the caravan he ended up on the Three Isles, where he found himself living on the streets, surviving through burglaries and stealing. It did not take long before he had found a gang of misfits roaming the streets of Smoke Isle. They welcomed the reinforcement, not only due to his skills, but also for his carefree attitude that could lighten up the rainiest of days. Living on Smoke Isle is not a cake walk though. Being the loudest mouth and the quickest feet, he quickly made enemies amongst the many gangs on Smoke Isle. Many wanted the bragging and disrespectful Half-Man dead. After barely escaping several assassination attempts, Frago chose to leave the Isles.

In the year 903 III he appeared in Elmwood Keep and made it his home (much to the dismay of the law-enforcing authorities). After a few years Frago seemed to be more and more involved in honourable matters. He took part in the defence of Teardrop in 905 III when they were attacked by the Roarers occupying Hibbin´s Elevator, but he really made a name for himself when he was sent into the keep when it was occupied by Mogaroth the year after. His mission was to locate the whereabouts of their commander and return undetected. After succeeding he and a group of adventurers were sent to assassinate the commander, which in the end led to victory for Elmwood and the retaking of the keep.

Frago died an honourable death in 913 III during a mission to slay a Garagorian warlord, Baron Stern, who was about to attack the settlements that were located in today's Old Land. They succeeded with killing the warlord, and Frago died while holding back the enemy to enable the flight of his comrades.

Excerpts of Frago the Great's deeds:

  • He was one of the nine heroes that killed the Dragonlord of Mogaroth seizing Elmwood Keep, thus ending the War of Elmwood.
  • He actively campaigned against Queen Runa and the monarchy of the Three Isles. He was also part of a group that assassinated her, an action sanctioned by the nation of Elmwood, where he was appointed the minister of intelligence.
  • He was sentenced to death on the Isles more than once due to various crimes. Among others he was a central figure in the event known as The Giant and the Half-Men. He also took part in a violent rescue of Amunhet from the Isles prison.
  • It is believed that he had something to do with a skirmish between soldiers from the Three Isles and Ulutharin troops on Sulphur Isle, that led to the events launching the War of the Races - a war of terrible scope.
  • He took an initiative to try and save some of the Nar-Agi who were under attack by Mogaroth. The group he rallied succeeded with the task, and they became known as the Saviours of the Nar-Agi. It was due to Frago Farrowbar that there were still people of Nar-Agi bloodline alive after the downfall of their realm.
  • He and his comrade, Ryziel, killed the old, but powerful hermit Zah’Zombo, who dwelled on the eastern Fierce Sea coast. The reason behind this is unknown, and it led to much grief against him.
  • He founded Port Farrowbar, which probably saved the Half-Man race, due it was there they sought refuge when Abbadon came to conquer their nation. Even though the old town of Hillyfield was destroyed, a new one could be built thanks to Frago.
  • He was part of the group that entered Castle Stern in an attempt to kill the Garagorian herald, Baron Stern, in rule. They succeeded with the task, which effectively halted a planned Garagorian attack from the south, which would have destroyed the better parts of the settlements that lay in today's Old Land region. Frago died during this mission, when he valiantly held back the Garagorian troops charging after his fleeing comrades.

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