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1032 IV -

King of Sanctia
King Galeatius
King Galeatius

Galeatius was crowned the king of Sanctia in 1037 IV when he was merely 5 years of age. He is of the direct lineage of Tibault, who responsible for turning Sanctia into an monarchy and for making himself the first king, and the son of Guilhem III.

King Guilhem III had a son, Phelip, born two decades prior to Galeatius who mysteriously died during a hunting trip. He had fallen off his horse and hit his head against a rock, an accident that should have been highly unlikely considering his horsemanship. With the death of the heir to the throne, Guilhem III divorced his wife and married a younger one in order to father a new son and heir. The divorce and marriage were blessed by the Archbishop of the Holy Church and considered the will of Brunir.

Guilhem III had reached the age of 52 when Galeatius was born and his heavy drinking and eating habits were starting to catch up with him. The king got pneumonia five years later and never managed to recover from it, dying after six months. Galeatius was crowned immediatly after his father's death.

Four different regents governed during his minority, which ended officially in 1044 IV, though he did not gain full control of his government until 1048 IV when he with the aid of Archbishop Marmion Domerque charged his last regent, Count Lafayette Gaudin, for plotting against him in an attempt to seize the throne. The count was found quilty of high treason and hung, drawn and quartered.

King Galeatius had from his early teens displayed obnoxious and elitistic manners, and his behaviour didn't improve with age. He is today known for being an impulsive ruler with extreme and rapid changes in mood.

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