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Characters of the Fourth Age of Charun live lives of danger, excitement and adventure. Each chooses his path through life and the means by which he will seize wealth, fame or power. Your character class is your vocation; it determines your strengths, your training and more. Along with race it determines, in game terms, who you are.

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Character Levels

A player character begins his career at level 1 after usually having spent years in training, as an apprentice, or living a certain lifestyle leading to his skills. The maximum attainable character level is 10, which is when the maximum BAB, BDB and Stamina is reached (exceptation through boons), leading to a realistic scenario without "superhumans".

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Overview of WoC Classes

World of Charun 3.0 has a number of changes which make distinguish it from both erlier versions and make it very different from playing standard Neverwinter Nights 2

Breadth: Depending on how variations on the Mystic Class are counted, World of Charun has anywhere from 30-40 unique classes, which have been examined very carefully both for playability and balance.

Variation: Classes are strongly distinguished from Nwn2 norms, and play differently from each other. For example, the Mystic and Alchemist classes have completely custom spell lists, and the Wizard and Dryw spell lists have been modified to improve balance and to distinguish them from the Nwn2 standard classes and from each other.

Powergaming is No Longer an Issue: World of Charun uses a wide variety of internal mechanics to balance out character strengths and weaknesses, and the general prohibition against powergaming on a roleplaying PW is simply no longer an issue. Players who intentionally create characters with significant weaknesses will see those weaknesses exposed in meaningful ways during gameplay.

No Prestige Classes: Part of the design philosophy for World of Charun is that characters should not need to seek the staff's permission to play a given class, and that all the classes are interesting and/or powerful in their own special ways. Therefore, certain character-building ideas which one may be accustomed to, such as "level dips," etcetera, designed to let the character qualify for a prestige class, are not relevant. Similarly, certain classes develop notable abilities fairly early in their development, negating the needs to engage in "levelling" in order to get into an interesting class concept or "build." Everybody's "cool" right from the get-go.

Culture Counts: Unlike standard nwn2, players are somewhat limited in how far they can multiclass in World of Charun. Cultural classes tend to be the "special" classes which would have required large amounts of dedicated practice (to the preclusion of adventuring). On the other side of the coin, the "general" classes, Rogue, Mystic, and Warrior, are classes which characters could adopt without requiring a long vacation from adventuring, and represent "on the job learning" separate from the character's primary training and background. In World of Charun, "generic" does not apply.

Cultural Classes

Player characters begin their careers through choosing among a number of classes available in their culture, known as Cultural Classes. These classes are influenced by the trades, professions and the style of life found in the culture from where the character originates from. These can often be highly specialized, representing the fact that the character has spent the better part of his upbringing in training or similar.

  • Some cultures or races can only choose one Cultural Class, with the rest becoming unavailable with multi-classing in mind.
  • Some cultures or races can choose to multi-class after lvl 1 in one of the General Classes.
  • There are also cultures where General Class(es) can be chosen at lvl 1.

Native Faction

Civilized Faction








General Classes

There are three "main professions" in the world, besides those found within each culture. They are choosable by certain races and cultures after lvl 1. They differ from the Cultural Classes in that they have a great variety of feats and progressions available, allowing a number of different builds. However, they lack the specialized features of the Cultural Classes. Neither do General Classes require several years, or a cultural habitat to learn.

Pirates, thieves, scouts, assassins, fencers etc are all rogues. A character can choose between a number of progressions that lead to feats and abilities widely different from one and other.

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The mystic has entered a pact with a New Power, gaining powers in return. The nature and abilities of the mystic differ greatly depending on the power worshipped.

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The fighting man can come in the shape of a fist-fighter, a skirmisher, an armoured tank or an archer. The character can choose between a number of progressions that lead to feats and abilities widely different from one and other.

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Class Based Features


WoC uses Stamina rather than the default Hit Points to define the amount of damage someone can take before dying. Stamina is based on the constitution score and the level of excersise from one's profession.

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Base Defense Bonus

The BDB (Base Defense Bonus) represents a characters ability to dodge and avoid being hit in combat - a skill that grows with experience and that is based on the level of practice associated with one's profession.

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