Gerris D. Drakelgryme

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277 - 367 IV

PC played by Coffee Guy



Apothecary of Atalheim

Gerris Dez Drakelgryme, later Drakelgrime, was born into the world of Half-Men a many years ago. His ancestors had been fortunate to pass through the Catalysm unscathed and unbothered, and it seemed Gerris was made out of the same, durable sort.


Gerris, since his early childhood, had shown grand intelligence and ability with the arcane, leading to him studying wizardry with the Mórail as soon as he could open a book and read. He soon developed an affinity for alchemy and the study of ancient Charun lore, as well as becoming quite a skilled inventor. He spent three decades of his life combining the arcane with the mechanical with several successes and few failures.

As old age crept up, he found himself with an unrelenting wish to continue his work yet the ever present shadow of death lingered over his shoulder. Gerris thus turned the focus of his studies to the darker aspect of the arcane: Necromancy. The experiments he had begun to do in secrecy were inevitably revealed to his Mórail and Half-Men colleagues and he was banished from his home, but that mattered little to him. He had no interest in returning. The only unfortunate mishap, according to Gerris, was that he was not permitted to bring his tome, as could be expected. Left with only the most basic cantrips and his talent for making potions, he steered his steps towards the nearest settlement; Trade Town.

Change of Heart

Gerris arrived in Trade Town on the 26th of Brunat 354 IV, where he found friends and acquaintances he could rely on to further his goals. Equipped with a vocabulary unmatched by the common adventurer and a knowledge which seemingly surpassed all by the most intelligent, and friends which would help him see them done, Gerris moved on from his past with a constant, unrelenting gaze on his eternal future.

He soon joined the dark group led by Viktor Curinal, a priest within the Black Faction of Gesanis from the Isles who was in search for clues to lichdom. While lichdom was not favoured by himself, lengthening his life through necromancy was, and Viktor was the best way to achieve his goals. Unfortunately for Gerris the group disbanded before their quest was finished and he lost most of his research regarding the group's activities when his personal pocket plane crumbled.

During this time Gerris met and became good friends with several individuals. He valued their protection and they his inexhaustible knowledge of the arcane and, of course, his charming wit. One of these people was Randvar Leikrson, a Northman in service of the King of Ulvhavn, recently sent to the Old Land with the mission of mapping out the region. Time passed and the two became the best of friends, sharing many adventures and troubles together. Over time Gerris’ heart changed. He less and less found need or want to continue his research for longevity of life and turned more to the noble pursuits, both in life and within the arcane.

On a Mission

In 360 IV Gerris set out alone to discover a secret which he had always sought to pursue: The complex and seemingly erratic formulae of the Far Realms. He searched for nearly a full year, finding some traces and some hidden formulae, but overall his journey had been a failure. Word reached him from the Old Land, perhaps by pure chance, that the wedding of Randvar and Kathleen was to take place. Gerris, discontent with his research returned with haste.

The wedding ceremony was abrubted by the vile death knight Lord Raze, who killed the visiting King of Ulvhavn. Thus the search for a man more powerful than Raze began and Gerris took to his studies to see what he could find.

He found nothing particularly useful in their fight against Raze, but he did discover a lead through the Scholars of Niothali towards what he had been searching for during his one year absence. He followed it which ment leaving his friends when they needed him the most. But Gerris’ lust for knowledge about the arcane drove him on, his conscience telling him that anything he'd discover would assist in the battles to come.

Gerris finally found what he was looking for: An old, worn tome containing arcane formule. He began studying the tome and applying the formulae to his own spells with acceptable success. Confident, Gerris once again returned to Randvar in Nyhavn, joining his companions - due the conflict with Eagle's Ruin had begun.

Final Years

Gerris spent his last five years in Nyhavn, and later in Randvar's new nation of Atalheim as an apothecary, during which he joined his companions in several fights. He was a part of the force that attacked the stronghold of Eagle's Ruin, known as Shadowhold - a battle they lost, leading to them being held captive in petrified state. After a miraculous escape on across the Fierce Sea, Gerris nearly drowned in the shipwreck that followed. Thought to be dead, Gerris had been washed away along the shore and survived against all the odds.

He was also an important figure in Atalheim, where he brewed potions in his laboratory, supplying both adventurers and locals.

Gerris' final mission was a expedition with Randvar and several others to Teardrop in 367 IV. The town had been seized by the Dhazzir, who had managed to get the transporter to the Endless operational. Failing to stay undetected, the group was chased into the transporter, known as Hibbin's Elevator, which they used to reach safety in the Endless. Unable to return to the surface, the group realised that they found themselves in a strange, unknown land, lacking all means of safe return.

After encountering a strange, alien creature, Gerris polymorphed into a similar shape in order to communicate with it, and finally making an arrangement that would save his friends at the cost of his own life. Needless to say, Randvar refused. Not until the creature paralyzed the Northman could Gerris proceed with his sacrifice: letting the creature dissolve his cranium and consume his brain. A teary eyed Randvar, still in paralyzed state, was soon thereafter pushed through a portal that lead to the surface, while the emptied body of the Half-Man remained in the darkness below.

Putting the well-being of his friends before his own, Gerris had through a final, grand gesture aided them once more, saving them from certain death.

A miracle took place nearly 700 years later, in 1056 IV, when Rashtun of Kurash and Love of Sun Glade located the remains in the Endless. They identified him through one of his rings bearing an inscription, which compelled them to bring the remains to Dagandal for a proper burial. Thanks to them, the Saviours of Gerris, he now rests next to his close friend Randvar.

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