Ghislain Craon

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298 IV -

High-Master of the Pit
Ghislain Craon
Ghislain Craon

Ghislain Craon is the prime example of the saying "two sides of the same coin". He can be very charming, entertaining and humble, as he can be extremely unpleasant and intimidating, to the degree that his mere presence has made weaker men cry. The priest is a common sight on upper-class festivities on Diamond Isle, and it is said that most of the nobles like him, due they dare not to.

Craon is also a member of the Council of Isles, the ruling organ of the Three Isles that consists out of representatives from most influential factions in the nation. Influence in this case is based on any factor amongst wealth, support amongst the citizens, reputation or sheer power. The High-Master of the Pit canditates for all of the requirements.

Ghislain knows his way around both the rich and the poor, due he was born into a moderatly wealthy, successful family of merchants on Trade Isle. He spent his youth with learning his family trade, which was importing copper, but upon reaching manhood he abandoned the idea of succeeding his father. Seeing the amount of work required, compared to the coin it resulted in, didn't simply entice him. Ghislain Craon wanted more - faster and with less work.

The church of Garagor intriqued him. He admired the respect its higher-standing members enjoyed among the general populace, and the fact that they offered him a straigth path to success. There wouldn't be a limit to the power and wealth he'd gain, as long as he was devoted enough. The youngster didn't have to ponder for long before he sought the church in 316 IV.

Actively practicing religion was a new experience for Ghislain, and he found himself liking it to the degree that he often said that he had found home for the first time in his life. It didn't take long before he was a member of the Order of Faith - a faithful on the path to priesthood.

Craon's career within the church is legendary by now. His devotion earned him priesthood in 318 IV, only two years after joining the order. Six years thereafter he managed through his charm and diplomacy, mixed with subtle, but very real threats, to become the only one offering himself as a High-Priest canditate (after the former High-Priest vanished mysteriously). Ghislain Craon became the youngest ever Garagorian High-Priest on the Three Isles at the age of 25.

He was promoted to the High-Master of the Pit in 336 IV, also as the youngest person ever to reach the rank within the Church of Garagor.

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