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Ghorm the Dreamlord
Ghorm the Dreamlord

The Dreamlord

"In the dreams of men he dwells, my Patron" - Priest of Ghorm

Ghorm is believed to be an ancient being. A dreamer and the dream, restlessness and insight. He blurs the line between dreams and reality, choosing his followers and offering them priesthood. His very presence can overwhelm the mortal mind, bring insight or madness. Ghorm does not control dreams and he is not what makes them possible. He simply exists on the edge of dream and reality and walks through the dreams of mortal beings.



Dreams, independence, adaptation, curiosity.




It is believed that Ghorm was present as the first dream of the Fourth Age was dreamt. However, scholars debate whether the deity is the same one that is mentioned in ancient Mórail lore, that speaks of “The Dreamer” - a being that sleeps on an unknown, distant plane, dreaming it's way into the dreams of mortals.


The priests of Ghorm pray and interact with their deity in a state of semi-sleep. The worship contains no sacrifices or rituals, but rather an individual relationship between the deity and his chosen one. Ghorm is known to react with dismay towards those of his faithful that engage in corrupt and foul deeds.


No organised or public faith exists, nor are there any temples or holy sites to be found. The only followers of the deity are found among his priests- the rest are more or less unwitting of him


Ghorm appears in dreams, either in the shape of a wolf with pure white fur, or as an old man of whatever race the dreamer belongs to. His eyes are always the same, the right is blue and the left red, both swirling vortexes without whites or pupil. His worshippers believe that he may walk any dream, but that only they are aware of his presence.


The priests of Ghorm commonly refer to themselves as Dreamers. They do not spread their faith, rarely even speaking of it. The majority are found in barbarian and savage cultures, probably due to the fact that dreams are regarded more important among them than in civilised regions. Dreamers are rare, which probably depends on the fact that Ghorm's attention can not be sought. He chooses potential worshippers, approaching them in their dreams and offering them a pact of faith.

The Dreamers are marked by faint white lines forming abstract shapes and patterns covering their entire body, these lines become more pronounced as they age and grow more powerful. At initiation the lines are only located around a Dreamer’s eyes, spreading as the individual grows in power. A priest that repeatedly engages in selfish and evil acts will be rejected by the god, upon which the lines turn a sickly and inflamed red, becoming very painful. With time scar tissue form over them and the pain fades. Even though altruistic in their approach, Dreamers can be dangerous opponents, uue they are able to meddle with the minds of their foes.

Granted Powers: Alluring, Maddening


A wolf’s head with a red and blue eye in the centre of a swirling and abstract pattern.


White, blue and red.

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