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"He who buckles his armour should not boast as the one who opens it."
- Old Giron saying

Giron Barbarian
Giron Barbarian



Gironia is a harsh region, with freezing winds and towering mountains, forested with dark, dusky trees that give the land a menacing look. The warlike savages living here are grim survivors in a realm that kills softer men. The Giron are a race of fierce, moody barbarians that wage continuous war against the Urmen of Urgin and the Witchqueen of Ismark.

They live in permanent villages protected by palisades, from where they set out on raids and hunting trips. They tend to keep to their clan, seldom gathering in large numbers. The only exception to this was when Mogaroth advanced into their land in the Third Age using their ancient foe, the Urmen of Urgin as troops, supported by Saurians. The Giron mustered all their warriors, across clan and land, facing the threat and effectively keeping the foe from their forests. The courage and prowess they displayed then is still admired, as well as feared across Charun. It is common knowledge amongst the learned that it was due to the Giron that Mogaroth could not advance eastward across the freezing region. The majority of their core troops were located along the Nar-Agi border, and apparently the Urmen and Saurians were not enough to defeat the Giron.

Life expectancy and Fertility Rate

Adulthood: 15 years
Life expectancy: 55 years
Maximum lifespan: 120 years
Total fertility rate: The average number of children born to a female over her lifetime is 3-5.


Giron means "chosen" in their tongue - representing them being the chosen people of their god, Clach Mhor.

History and Origins

It has long been debated where the Giron originate from. The most realistic explanation is that they are related to the Narghali found southeast of the Snowy Peaks, perhaps even the very people the Narghali descend from. Their dark-haired appearance and certain aspects of their language speak for this. This theory places the Giron of the past at the eastern coastal region, today known as the Seal Shores. It is believed that the Northmen, driven off their inland territory by the Clandur, arrived in much greater numbers, forcing them to migrate. One group left westward, to where the Giron dwell today, and the other travelled south across the Snowy Peaks to the region that was to become Narghal.


The Giron are tall and broad shouldered with square jaws and broad foreheads. They have blue eyes and both sexes have black hair, usually smeared with fat to keep it in place. Men usually shave, but some are known to wear trimmed beards.


The Giron speak a language related to Ancient Narghalan.


Governmental Form

The Giron are organised in 8 clans of roughly 3,000 members each, all fiercely loyal to their clan. Each clan is led by a chieftain chosen for his wisdom and experience in battle.

Social Stratification

The Giron treat those honourable and skilled in warfare with respect and there are no social rankings beyond that simple attitude – chief or blacksmith, it does not matter. They neither fear nor respect titles or positions considered influential in civilised regions.


The Giron have no trading partners to speak of and live in a subsistence economy.


The Giron culture is survivalist and barbaric, with war being more a way of life than a necessity. Their women are equally warlike, fighting alongside the men with the same enthusiasm and skill.


While the Giron are remarkable, their level of technology is not. While they are capable of making decent-quality weapons, they are as likely to improve their gear through plundering as by making their own.



The Giron are hunters and gatherers, and their diet reflects it, being heavy in fish, game, nuts, and berries. Their fare is simple and what qualifies as "cooking" amongst the Giron simply involves heating food to make it more nutritious, or else to make a stew which can be steadily added to during hard times.


The Giron are primarily hunters and gatherers, but they are also feared as raiders and plunderers, striking north across the mountains into Ismark and west into Urgin. They have been known for travelling as far as to the borders of Moon Glade and into Clandurmark to wage war and capture loot. The Giron also raid amongst themselves, fighting bloody feuds and stealing supplies and wives.

The Giron never take captives. However, that does not mean that they kill all their foes. It all depends on the strength of the enemy. It is not pity that keeps their blade in place, rather the fact that there is no honour involved in slaying someone weak and pathetic.

Weakness, magic, and deception are despised amongst the Giron. No mages are found amongst their kin, nor are petty thieves that steal from their kinsmen. If a Giron is unable to take what he wants through sheer strength, he will simply walk away.

Honour and loyalty is important to them, as is telling the truth, which is often done in a blunt manner. However, mild insults and even impoliteness, so often heard in civilised regions, are invitations to a fight to the death amongst the Giron, which makes them quite polite in their otherwise blunt manners – unless they mean to pick a fight. Few of them fear death, and even fewer respect authorities, wealth or political power. The Giron respect courage, physical prowess, and honesty.

They keep no written records of their past, relying solely on their oral tradition and their dark, moody songs for hailing their dead heroes and grandfathers.

Death and dying is an uncomplicated event amongst the Giron. Since death is considered better than dishonour and being a coward, it is not nearly as terrible as life in shame. No one mourns the dead, as long as they have died with their pride intact. The dead are buried with their favourite weapon in hand, under rock piles.


Marriage is as uncomplicated as death amongst their kin. There are no ceremonies involved, and the majority of the wives are stolen from other clans. Some of them escape as soon as an opportunity is given, leading to the warrior either stealing a new wife, or attempting to steal the old one back – especially if there are real feelings involved.


Giron clothing is simple, consisting out of leather tunics, fur leggings and boots, topped off by a fur cloak protecting them from the freezing winds. Their jewellery is made out of bone, fangs or claws, except for the rings, bracelets and earrings plundered from Ismark.


The Giron engage in a reasonable amount of decorative arts where their tools and gear are concerned, and respect items of beauty so long as they are also functional. That said, function clearly holds greater respect than beauty in Giron culture.


The Giron spend most of their leisure time singing, rather than playing games, and most of what they regard as games involve athletic contests such as running, swimming, or hatchet-throwing.

Weapons and Armour

Armour is considered cowardly amongst the Giron, with the exception of round shields used in battle and the occasional armour parts donned more for looks than protection. Their warriors prefer fighting in nothing but a loincloth, with their bodies smeared with bear fat to protect them from the cold, and to make them slippery and hard to grapple in combat. They never use ranged weapons, other than for hunting. When they fight, it is face to face as warriors, not standing at a distance in safety. Their preferred weapons are the broadsword, axe and great axe, which they forge out of iron tools and other weapons stolen from Ismark. They have no mines or ways to excavate iron themselves.


The Giron have one god, Clach Mhor, whom they see as the creator of their kin. They believe that Clach Mhor left soon after creating them, retiring back to his realm, known as the "Other World", which is where brave Giron are believed to travel after death. When a Giron dies, he is to walk the rainbow, or Bwar-Crach (=Hag's Bow) as it is called, to the death realm, which is from where the worthy are sent forth to the halls of Clach Mhor.

The Giron site of worship lies in Godmark, where the Bloodstone stands. It is a massive, towering stone pillar believed by the Giron to have been created by Clach Mhor before his departure. According to their beliefs it still contains a part of their god's essence and it is thus the object of their worship. The name of the "altar" comes from a ritual where the Giron splatter the stone with the blood of sacrificed animals - a practice taking place four times a year.

The Giron priests are called "Dryw", who all dwell in Godmark near and around the Bloodstone.

Spirits are a large part of Giron mythology. They believe that those not invited to the halls of Clach Mhor risk an eternal existence as spirits, doomed to wander the mortal world. Some of these spirits are malicious, but unable to physically harm mortal men. Instead they attempt to frighten the living. Others are neutral and care not about the mortals. A few are benevolent, such as the "Spirit Woman" who is believed to have taught herbal lore to the Giron. The "Hag Spirit" is another mythical spirit in their mythology. She is believed to be the one summoning the rainbow, "the Hag's Bow", which is used by dead souls to travel to the death realm.


Location in Charun: Gironia in the Northlands

Population: 24.000 living in 8 clans.

Settlements: None

Army: All able men and women count as warriors.

Government form: Tribalism

Player Characters

Giron Clans and names for your character: Giron Names


The Giron are part of the Civilized Faction, along with other human cultures and the Mórail.

Genetic Modifiers

Northerners are a naturally tall and strong race. They are used to wearing armour combined with heavy clothing and furs to protect them from the freezing temperature. Thus the typical Northern fighting style resolves around hoping to outlast one's opponent, striking heavier blows and trusting to sheer strength to defeat him, rather than dodging his attacks.

The Northerner heritage has the following ingame effects:

Ability Modifiers:
+1 STR, -1 DEX

Cultural Modifiers

Presence of a Warrior:
Among even the brutal warriors in the frozen North, the Giron are feared for both their prowess and deeds passed. Adorned in little more than loincloths, they stand clearly marked as warriors of a fearless nature, challenging anyone who might try to prove otherwise. Giron characters gain Damage Resistance: Cold 5/- and Skill Bonus: Intimidate +2


The Giron have the following cultural classes, which they can choose from during character creation. Following levels may be taken in the general classes (rogue, mystic, warrior) or in the cultural class chosen during character creation.


Native Tongue: Giron
You can always speak your native tongue as long as your INT is above 0, but you will not have any "language slots" at INT 7 or lower.
If your INT is 7 or lower you will not be able to understand languages other than your native tongue, regardless of whether you know them or not.

Faction Common Tongue: Islean
At INT 8 you will be given your first language slot, which if starting with INT 8 or higher will always be used for your faction's common tongue. If the native tongue is the same as the faction tongue, the slot can be used for a secondary language.

Secondary Languages: Clandur, Nordska, Urman
At INT 10 and each 2 INT after that you will be given another language slot, which can be used upon entering the game for the first time to pick a language from the secondary languages list. Language slots may also be used later to learn new languages.

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