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The Old Gods are believed to dwell beyond the Far Realms, in a place called "Godhome", except for Zurkan, who is believed to dwell in the Far Realms - due that is where magic is spawned. The term "Godhome" was created by mortals in the Second Age as an attempt to explain the whereabouts of their deities. It is also believed that devoted followers of the Old Gods have their souls sent to Godhome, to their patron god's realm.

With the Far Realms being an incomprehensibly remote space surrounding the Inner and Outer Planes, Godhome is even more unintelligible. Even the greatest of scholars and the wisest of sages quickly come to a halt when attempting to discuss Godhome - it is so extremely distant, with no information existing about it. Those doubting the existence of the Old Gods are also quick to point out that there isn't even any proof of this mythical home to gods.

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