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Nation founded by Aluanor in 6014 II




The ancient forest realm of the Niematharin is a menacing, seemingly-endless expanse of trees whose canopy chokes out the sun itself. Shadows seem to dance in the dim light that makes it through and from safe distances it is whispered those are cruel Mórail patrolling their borders. The forest is still a place of primal magic and ancient beings the world has, for the most part forgotten. In the passed hundred or so years its demeanour to outsiders has changed dramatically. Where once it may have been viewed with wonder and awe as one of the great natural wonders of the world, it is today viewed with dread.

No one anymore knows how many Mórail may dwell there now, after their losses in the Dazak War they've been estimated to have been reduced to perhaps ten thousand or less. While it was always assumed that Mórail customs were adamant and slow changing the last eighty years have seen a startling turnabout in the Niemathar. More reclusive than ever, many now aggressively drive to keep outsiders away, especially the Dazak who swarm the plains to the north. Those who leave the glade now do so mostly by ship, most often by way of Sun Glade's merchant vessels, and from there on to the Three Isles and into the world. For the past several hundred years, even ships from the Sun Glade have started to come more rarely. The Ulutharin, for what little they are willing to say, seem increasingly mystified and dismayed at the increasingly alien Niematharin.

The Mórail of Green Glade are divided on their views of outsiders, now more than ever. No one is actually certain of what words and ideas are exchanged in Niematharin courts nowadays. Even the Uluthar seem perplexed and intrigued by the growing secrecy of their cousins. One thing is certain – the northern borders of the forest are a death sentence for any man (woman or child) setting forth in them. Exactly what happens to them is a mystery but few return, and those who do were fortunate enough that they simply made it out of the labyrinthine expanse of forest without encountering anyone or anything. Indeed it's quite likely most who enter that forest never to be seen again are quite simply lost in its sun-choked depths. Still many are found at forest's edge with arrows in their breast, or simply broken, though the means are uncertain. What truth and fact that can be gathered from it is simple: none are welcome there any longer.


The Mórail of Green Glade are as sufficient as ever and even more reclusive, trading exlusively with the Uluthar of Sun Glade. Whatever Niematharin goods might make it into other markets are most likely second hand by way of Ulutharin traders in foreign markets or else increasingly rare Niemathar travellers.


The forest is a living, breathing thing and it houses many dangers the Niemathar use to their advantage, either through guile or genuine friendship. Still more, forest spirits like dryads and treants said to still roam the ancient forest and neither of those are particularly known for liking the savagery of men in their treatment of forests. These allies combined with the sheer oppressively majestic scale of the wood has kept the Dazak at bay more than anything else in the face of Green Glade's crushing defeat on the plains in the Dazak War.

The Niematharin warriors are divided into three groups. The Green Cloaks consists of regular Mórail soldiers. The Wardancers on the other hand are members of a lethal warrior society that worships Burthios, the God of War. They can always be found in the frontline, throwing themselves upon the enemy. The last group are known as the Watchers. They act as scouts and guardians along the borders of the kingdom. The defeat against the Dazak in the battle of Slaughter of Sons left the Niematharin forces thoroughly devastated. The Wardancers and Green Cloaks were almost completely wiped out, and while members of both orders continued to exist the Niemathar had no illusions of confidence in them. However, with the passing of centuries, both the Green Cloaks and Wardancers have grown in number again, but not quite to what they once were.


The Niematharin have always upheld the Mórail pantheon, but it is safe to say that the worship of Ethalias Thunitar is the far most popular one. The creator god of the Mórail has a high temple in the forest, as well as the largest clergy. The Niematharin are not ignorant about the other gods, far from it, they recognise them and honour those they see good and beneficial to the Mórail race. However, few of them influence their everyday life in the way Ethalias Thunitar does. While the Sunul also pay respect to this deity, there is a noted difference in their worship -- the Niematharin seem far more pre-occupied with plant life than with the "natural carnivore" mindset of the Sunul. The Niemathar seem to have gradually become more extreme in their identification of Ethalias Thunitar's worship and the preservation of plant, and particularly forest, life. In addition there are prominent shrines dedicated to both Burthios (populated by Wardancers) and Namithalios, as well as a coastal site of worship dedicated to Thaioth Skybreaker.


The enchanted forest of Green Glade
The enchanted forest of Green Glade

This ancient forest became the home of the Niematharin in the year of 6014 II age, when they sought refuge following the tragic events of the Trail of Blood, where they were killed and driven from their homes by humans that betrayed their trust. The great Niemathar hero Aluanor was the one that led the refugees there, and became their first king, with his wife Elinia becoming the queen. The couple ruled until 340 III, when Aluanor passed away. The new monarchs of the Mórail realm that followed were King Isithar and Queen Nietha and their reign lasted for 556 years, and they left the throne in 896 III.

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In 394 IV the Dazak descended in a great mass onto the plains of Hillyfield. A brief but violent confrontation formed the events of what the Mórail call, with bitter recent recollection, the Slaughter of Sons. The Niemathar acted to protect the half-men and their actions were predicted by the Dazak chieftain, using it to lure the Mórail into a brutal and devastating ambush, from which so few returned that some Dazak were even able to penetrate the Glade for a time, until other forest creatures put an end to their audacity.


Population: 10.000, estimated

Army: 1.000 warriors and various creatures of the forest. If needed, all able to string a bow will count as warriors and a significant number of them in fact are doing just that -- and have been for decades.

Government form: Monarchy

Current Ruler: King Iwaliar

Demographics: Mórail 99%, Others (rumored) 1%

Heraldic Colours: Green, Yellow

Natural Resources: Honey, wood, berries, fruits

Manufactured Goods: Bows, mail

Wealth: Average

Allies: Sun Glade, Moon Glade

Enemies: The Dazak and the enemies of their Mórail allies

Religion: Mórail Pantheon

Climate: Mediterranean

Terrain: Forest

Major Geographical Features

Southern Wall
Actually part of the Foggy Peaks, this maze of cliffs acted for long as a barrier between the Mórail kingdom of Green Glade and the Forest of Shadows located just south of it with the Maze Pass being the known passage through. One of the most ancient vampire counts from the fallen kingdom of Narghal used to dwell there, until a group of mighty heroes killed him and brought his sanctuary down. He commanded a huge army of undead that from time to time tried to push through the cliffs into the forest of the Mórail. As the Fourth Age has progressed, rumor from sailors strongly hints that something dark has once again returned to the Forest of Shadows.

This is the most western part of Green Glade that lies in the foothills of the Foggy Peaks. In the year of 640 III an ancient forest dragon appeared there along with her grown up children. They began an assault on the Mórail kingdom that was halted much thanks to a huge and constantly-growing thorn wall shielding the Mórail. Saurians constantly probe the defenses, but they and their draconian master are kept out, for now, as the thorn wall creates a barrier which can be neither climbed, nor, apparently, tunneled under.

Nilanu Harbour
Nilanu isn't really a harbour, if comparing with counterparts around the world, but more so a coastal settlement with a dock. The Niematharin aren't sailors, but they do trade frequently with Sun Glade, which requires a harbour. Most of their kin also leave and arrive to Green Glade through sea voyages.

The grounds outside the entire northern border of Green Glade are known as the Arrowfields by non-Mórail. It is a correct reflection of the fact that an uninvited visitor is almost guaranteed to be greeted by an arrow before reaching the treeline.

High Temple of Ethalias Thunitar
The temple dedicated to the Niematharin god of creation is the most sacred site in the realm. Founded by Aluanor simultanously with the realm itself, it dates back two thousand years, and holds the largest clergy found in Green Glade.

Golden Gardens
In the centre of Green Glade lies the royal court known as the Golden Gardens. It is a magical site, with illuminated, golden trees and ancient creatures guarding the grounds - due this is where the seat of the realm's monarch lies.

Shrine of Burthios
The Niematharin warrior order known as the Wardancers live, pray and practice their skills at the only site of worship in Green Glade dedicated to the Mórail god of war. None but members of their order are allowed there.

Lea of Namithalios
An ancient temple dedicated to Namithalios lies here. It was established by Aluanor, the founder of Green Glade, simultaneously as the high temple of Ethalias Thunitar. Where the latter is upheld at its original splendour, the Lea of Namithalios has fallen into ruins. Even though few Niematharin actively pray to Namithalios today, the site is regarded as important due to it's long history.

Storm's Levee
High ontop a cliff facing the sea lies a storm-ridden site of worship dedicated to Taioth Skybreaker. Many Niematharin come here to marvel at the seemingly endless sea, before hurrying back into the cover of the forest. However, it is not unusual to see those in prayer at the site, trying to comprehend and find answers in the ever-chaning mind of the god.

Thornwall and Oakwall
These magical, vast and thick barriers of dense, ever-chaning vegetation act as impassable (and lethal) barriers protecting the realm from the foes in Wyrmwood and to the north. They were completed on the iniative of King Isithar in 408 III through the combined efforts of the Niematharin wizards and priests of the time.

Stone of Blood
This 10 foot tall stone was raised by Aluanor at the founding of Green Glade to act as memorial monument over event known as the Trail of Blood. The site was more or less forgotten about during the latter half of the Third Age. Today it is visited frequently by Niematharin swearing to avenge the wrongs comitted towards their people.

Stone of Tears
This memorial monument was raised by Queen Elalowa in 393 IV over the crushing defeat against the Dazak in the Slaughter of Sons, in which her father, the legendary king Eaririloth died.


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