Green Glade Succession Order

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The eldest child, as long as he or she is seen fit for the task, inherits the crown of Green Glade, thus becoming the monarch of the realm. The monarch's spouse is given the title king or queen, but shares the rule only as long as the monarch of the royal bloodline is alive. If the couple has no children upon the time of death of the monarch, next in kin is given the crown, with the eldest cousin being the first choice. If the monarch's spouse dies, he or she is allowed to remarry.

MONARCH Birth Death Reign
King Aluanor (and Queen Elinia) 5195 II 340 III 6014 II - 340 III
King Isithar (and Queen Nietha) 276 III 913 III 340 - 896 III
King Eaririloth (and Queen Anathiel) 551 III 393 IV 896 III - 393 IV
Queen Elalowa (and King Eunuar) 393 IV 486 IV 393 - 486 IV
King Elaoar (and Queen Irinia) 429 IV 528 IV 486 - 528 IV
Queen Ninutheia (and King Alnutar) 465 IV 575 IV 528 - 575 IV
King Iathar (and Queen Awetha) 509 IV 610 IV 575 - 610 IV
King Ethiwar (and Queen Iania) 551 IV 663 IV 610 - 663 IV
Queen Niethua (and King Aestar) 575 IV 678 IV 644 - 678 IV
Queen Elaoara (and King Lanuwar) 606 IV 717 IV 651 - 717 IV
King Ninuthewar (and Queen Nilaia) 643 IV 737 IV 717 - 737 IV
King Lairin (and Queen Niwathia) 671 IV 739 IV 737 - 739 IV
King Utheathar (and Queen Thuwaia) 706 IV 822 IV 739 - 822 IV
Queen Elthea (and King Niaran) 748 IV 861 IV 822 - 861 IV
Queen Hawala (and King Nithuor) 775 IV 893 IV 861 - 893 IV
Queen Elunaia (and King Eithian) 806 IV 915 IV 893 - 915 IV
King Iehawar (and Queen Awaetha) 845 IV 966 IV 915 - 966 IV
King Niestar (and Queen Aniara) 901 IV 1002 IV 966 - 1002 IV
Queen Alona (and King Nithial) 943 IV 1049 IV 1002 - 1049 IV
King Aethear (and Queen Eleutha) 980 IV 1053 IV 1002 - 1053 IV
King Iwaliar 1021 IV - 1053 - current

Notable Monarchs

King Aluanor, Reign 6014 II - 340 III
Aluanor was the grandchild of Aetheas, one of the most legendary of Niematharin heroes, and a great champion in his own right. Aluanor led his kin during the event the Mórail refer to as "betrayal of man" that led to the Trail of Blood. He organised the retreat to what was to become Green Glade, both protecting and inspiring the refugees. Niematharin legends say that without Aluanor, the Niematharin would have perished. Aluanor became the first king of Green Glade with his wife Elinia becoming the queen. The couple ruled until 340 III, when Aluanor was killed during a campaign against the dragons of Wyrmwood.

King Isithar, Reign 340 - 896 III
Isithar is not as known to man as his father, Aluanor, or his son, Eaririloth, but he is a hailed and admired king in Green Glade. It was Isithar who planned and oversaw the protective measures known as the Oakwall and the Thronwall that still today keep intruders from the north and Wyrmwood from reaching the realm.
He passed his crown to his son Eaririloth in 896 III and retreated to the southern parts of Green Glade. The legend says that he died out of a broken heart in 913 III upon learning of the Cataclysm and the destruction it had wrought upon the world.

King Eaririloth, Reign 896 III - 393 IV
Eaririloth is the most famous Niematharin king among mankind because of his participance in events taking place outside his own realm. It was Eaririloth who engaged the forces of Abbadon when he was on his Dark Crusade, which led to the final batlle known as the Niematharin Stand, in which the infernal warlord was slain (triggering the Cataclysm according to some sources).
Eaririloth spent the centuries following the Cataclysm with fighting the Dazak, especially to protect his Half-Men allies in Hillyfield to the north, as well as with getting engaged in various diplomatic matters beyond the borders of Green Glade.
Eaririloth died in what the Niemathar call the Slaughter of Sons, in 393 IV, leaving his wife and their newborn daughter behind. In the battle the Niematharin acted to protect the Half-Men from the Dazak who poured into the plains of Hillyfield, but their actions were predicted by the Dazak chieftain, and used to lure the Mórail into a brutal and devastating ambush, from which so few returned that some Dazak were even able to penetrate the Glade for a time, until other forest creatures put an end to their audacity.
Eaiririloth was the last Niemathari monarch known to possess the so called Mórail longevity, that virtually makes them unaffected by old age. Eaririloth was more tolerant towards non-Mórail than any monarchs before or after him has been, and it is even said that he invited humans to the Golden Gardens, which is the court of Green Glade.

Queen Elalowa, Reign 393 - 486 IV
Elalowa became the successor to the throne of Green Glade at the age of 4 months, when her father, the legendary King Eaiririloth was killed in the battle of Slaughter of Sons in 393 IV. Anathiel, her mother acted as the Queen Regent until Elalowa's 16th birthday, after which she was crowned the queen of the realm.

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