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885 III - 45 IV

(Character played by Gregori during the NWN1 installement of WoC)



Founder of Haven Hall

Gregori "Coldaxe" Gavril was a renegade Arinthian who escaped his realm in 904 III. He became a great champion of good and quickly gained a reputation as a honourable knight. One his most famed quests took place in 910 III when he ventured into Thunder Hall that by then had fallen and was claimed by Urmen. All the ancient Irintharin relics and artifacts still remained in the depths of the vast realm, and Gregori managed to retreive them despite near impossible odds. It was through the possession of these relics that he managed to inspire leadership in the aftermath of the Cataclysm, rallying hundreds of disillusioned Sanctian survivors to join his cause - the founding of a realm that would offer safety and an sanctuary to its inhabitants incase of a new Cataclysm.

Haven Hall

Inspired by the magnificent Irintharin architecture he saw in Thunder Hall, Gregori decided that the utmost location for a safe realm would be beneath a mountain. With the mountains of the Old Land claimed by vampires and Dhazzir he led his people across the Sea of Sharks to the Heartlands in 9 IV. They wandered around for a year, fighting Urmen and gathering ragtag groups of post-cataclysm survivors they encountered, finally entering the Foggy Peaks in 10 IV.

While in the Foggy Peaks they encountered refugees from the fallen nations of Elmwood and Kurash. They were still weak, facing possible destruction in the hands of the large Urman tribes of the region. It is quite possible that they would never have developed into the Dazak, would it not have been for Coldaxe and his people who spent over a year aiding them against the Urmen simultaneously as they searched for a suitable location to build their hall in.

In Airin 12 IV, after fierce fighting against local Urman tribes, a suitable location was found - a large cave system which would serve as the foundation. Coldaxe was according to the legend heard saying: "Bless the Gods! Our mountain this is. Let the picks and the shovels sound across these peaks, sending terror into the hearts of the Urmen! This kingdom shall be named Haven Hall, and let it be a haven and a sanctuary to every lost soul caught under the sky!"


The Urmen had since their arrival proved a real problem, leading to constant fighting. If it hadn't been for their fortifications, Haven Hall would probably have fallen within the first year.

It was in an especially fierce Urman attack that the Knight finally fell. An Urman chieftain had managed to scale the fortifications at the entrance and break through the several rooms and obstacles in his path, while being fired at. He was getting dangerosly near the unfortified parts of Haven Hall, where both the old and young dwelled. Gregori, even though aged 73, positioned himself in the raging chieftain's path, axe in hand and legs wide apart. The chieftain, even though pierced by half-a-dozen bolts, proved a challenge too great for the old knight. Before aid arrived, Gregori Coldaxe had been killed.

The legend claims that Coldaxe's body was carried to a secret burial chamber, where he was placed with the relics and artifacts he had once retreived from Thunder Hall.

Fall of Haven Hall

Haven Hall kept expanding during the years it existed and new generations were born under the dim ceilings of the realm. Simultaneously new threats were appearing. The very refugees that had gained their aid centuries earlier had developed into the warlike Dazak, and as they grew stronger and more numerous, their frequent attacks began wearing the defenders of Haven Hall down. Unable to replace their ranks with the same speed as the more numerous Dazak, they grew fewer and fewer.

When Haven Hall finally fell in 261 IV to a Dazak offensive, it is said that there were only 16 adults and an unknown children and juveniles left to defend the realm. They prove to be too few to man the fortifications, and the realm finally falls. All inhabitants are believed to have been killed in the battle.

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