Grey Plains

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Heavy clouds above the Grey Plains
Heavy clouds above the Grey Plains

Located west of Trade Town and the Wild Hills, these plains are so named for their near constant overcast state and frequent heavy fogging. This is thought to be a product of the dark magic that shrouds Narghal under ashy cloud, bourne by northerlies over the vast plain. Despite the otherwise dismal sky, the Grey Plains are still a healthy and fertile land. Its rolling, grassy fields offer abundant grazing for wild and dometicated animals alike, and its soil easily supports crops for one willing to work it. The thick fog, while obscuring vision, also ensures that the region remains well watered year-round.

The Grey Plains are home to a number of particularily savage bands of Hill Folk known collectively as the Plains Folk. They are considerably more warlike than their hill-dwelling brethren, due to frequent conflict with the other two major inhabitants of the region; the large wolf population, and the even larger goblin tribe that has tamed them. This tribe is significantly more aggressive than those of other eras or regions, and along with their tamed wolves constitute a serious threat to the Plains Folk or anyone else who happens to be in the area.

Perhaps just as significant a threat as any of the plainsdwellers is the nearby Dhazzir presence. Bands of Dark Elves are fond of raiding the plains by night on slave runs, capturing unwary Hill Folk and goblins alike for their cruel purposes. It is a common fact among the Plains Folk that one who strays within a half-night's travel of Darkchain Swamp after sunset riskes a permanent stay there. Still, the folk of the Grey Plains often give back as good as they get, and the region can be a threat to any who travel there.

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Noteable Features

Coigreach Gleann - A valley holding various foreign elements.

Dùn Àrsaidh - An ancient and ruined fortress.

Monument to the Sun Lord - A sacred site of Giardain along the shores of Tear Lake.

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