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143 IV -

Unor War Chief

Gusur Eyegouger, feared war chief of the Unor
Gusur Eyegouger, feared war chief of the Unor

Gusur Eyegouger has gained a reputation as a fierce, undefeatable and fearless warrior among both the Isles soldiers and the Mogarothi black orcs. He is powerfully built, with a tattooed body where scar tissue nearly overrides the amount of healthy skin. His unusually pale, grey eyes, beaten armour plates and trophies in the form of scalps, claws and skulls add further to his unsettling looks. Gusur wields a massive greataxe that he calls "The End". The axe was taken as a trophy from a black orc chieftain he defeated in combat.

Even though the Unor lack leaders and a govermental form, many argue that Gusur is as close to a chieftain that is possible in the anarchy reigning among the dwarves. This is partly true, since it is at times where leadership is required, such as in war, that strong individuals emerge and act as war chiefs - and Gusur is the most prominent and formidable of them all. He is yet to lose a fight among his own kin, which is how the Unor settle differences, and he has so far survived every battle he's been in - often against all odds.

Gusur was born on the southern slopes of the Snowy Peaks, where he spent his childhood in the temporary huts serving as homes for the Unor. It was a rough upbringing, with constant skirmishes with humanoid tribes roaming the peaks and hungry predators looking for a meal. When he was 68 years of age the Unor gathered their people that were scattered across the slopes and moved to the region today known as Unor Hills.

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