Hartman Brandeis

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326 - 414 IV

PC played by Happycrow



Founder of the Old Lands Company

A devote priest of Thilias, a mercenary and a defender of the Old Land - there are many ways, most of them honourable, to describe Hartman Brandeis.

He was born the oldest of nine children into a Coiner family making a living on the Three Isles. Hartman's schooling was informal - he learned to read and write, but like a lot of coiners, his schooling mostly entailed being near the business and looking over accounts. He also learned a bit about engineering and the like in the Army of the Isles where his tendency towards crafting and smithing naturally steered him towards the siege crews at ale time.

Hartman is an ardent admirer of Brigadier Alfonsine Imbault, having a tattoo on his neck of the Division and Brigade (1/1) and the letters underneath it, "LNSMK," standing for "Let None Soil My Knights." This is a public statement of loyalty to Imbault's sense of ethics, and is taken by those in the Brigade who wanted their fellows to know they were serious about it. Hartman served two terms: it's fairly unlikely that Imbault has any idea who he is, but he's deadly serious about ethics and morality, which undoubtedly affected his duties, especially when it was necessary to police slave pens and the like.

The Old Lands Company

Hartman arrived to the Old Lands in 363 IV after leaving the army. Almost immediately after stepping off the ship, he was embroiled in a murder case, pressing charges against an Unor for slaying a small child in the Wild Hills.

He began forming the Old Lands Company in late 364 IV as a reaction to the lawless and counterproductive behavior of adventurers and mercenaries, creating a charter that explicitly took on only those of good character who would work for the long-term stability of the region.

Hartman was heavily involved in the Old Land Stand war. During the Battle of Dun Craig, he commanded Group West (a known suicide mission), that consisted out of sub-par Hillfolk warriors (mostly striplings and greybeards), some adventurer volunteers, and a contingent of 40 Belatim. He held out as long as he judged it possible, and then gave the withdrawal order in order to spare the lives of the remaining Hillfolk and Belatim, whose ranks were being invaded by Kanjite.

Brandeis then commanded the remains of Group West as it skirmished with merchant caravans headed to resupply Teardrop. He then took command of a group of Hill Folk archers and skirmishers during the burning of Teardrop, with the mission of drawing attention away from the primary mission.

Finally, he was present with the Old Lands Company in the interdiction of Sanctian mercenaries attempting to resupply Teardrop, and the battle at Blood Valley in which he was gravely wounded, and was one of the last two to keep the field before being forced to withdraw under heavy pressure.

The Old Lands Company has grown both in strength and influence under Hartman's leadership, becoming a powerful faction of the Old Land.

Vichier's Watch

Hartman and his Old Lands Company were given the stronghold of Vichier's Watch in late 364 IV by it's funders - the three aspiring nations of Atalheim, Fearann and New Elmwood. The Old Lands Company were hired to serve the coalition of nations, and ensure further stability in the region.

Thilian Temple

Hartman's offer of constructing a Thilian temple beneath the Brunite site of worship was accepted by the Shrine of the Overlord in 367 IV. It was based on a mutual agreement of defence and construction in honour of the Mountain of Glory, upon which Brunir has his throne and within which Thilias works his forge. The construction work began soon after.

Withdrawal from Politics

Hartman Brandeis received several rude awakenings over the course of the years 367-369 IV, when it was revealed that several high-level members of the Old Lands Company were actually working to further the goals of other interests, including both the vampires of Narghal and the church of Garagor in the Isles.

At much the same time, Brandeis himself grew estranged from a number of better-known adventurers over his public conviction that the affairs of what he called "the Bardum Group" (meaning the church of the God-Lich and its holdovers from previous groups) were of vastly lesser significance than the joint Narghali-Dhazzir threat. Hartman's experience as a Coiner made him notably more tolerant of religious opposition than many of his peers were, and he was written off by the majority of them as a traitor to the cause, particularly by those in close cooperation with the mage Bahira.

He spent the majority of 369-70 coordinating the actions of the Old Lands Company with the Redcloaks of Atalheim in order to help to solidify northern defenses, while conferring with efforts to expand trade (and possibly create a Thilian foothold) in Urwood. This proved abortive due to the death of King Goreclaw in 373 IV. With the exception of the Company's success, the majority of Brandeis' goals were thus proven futile.

In the end it may be said that the impact of Brandeis' charitable efforts was probably greater than either his religious or political work, and made notable contributions towards the stability of both Sanctia and A'Soar.


Brandeis retired from the Old Lands Company in 380 IV, turning over day-to-day governance to a committee of sergeants with more active ideas. Between Atalheim's discouragement of traditional religious practice and A'Soar's utilitarian approach to religion, the temple at Brunir's Cross was unable to attract more than a small cadre of worshippers, though it did turn into a very popular stop both for caravaners and for Atlir emigre settlers.

In 382 IV he made a visit to the Three Isles to visit his parents and many sisters, who he had now not seen in almost twenty years of constant adventuring and campaigning. With the Thilian temple on the Isles thriving as it had not in years, to a great extent due to his actions, he was asked to take over its leadership, and did so, and was seen many times in the streets, proselytizing and getting the crowd's attention by holding live coals in his hands.

Brandeis settled down to Coin Isle permanently in 385 IV, the year he was married. He kept the Brandeis tradition of keeping a large family even in his middle-age, and never returned to the Old Lands. Always blessed with unusual health and stamina, he survived until 414 IV while drawing up plans for a water-driven pump, apparently having died in his sleep during a badly-needed catnap.

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