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Having a comrade around is vital when adventuring
Having a comrade around is vital when adventuring

WoC uses a customised healing system with the goal of bringing both realism and strategy into the world.

WoC Healing System

Hit Points in Charun represent the character's Stamina.

There are several different ways of healing wounds and gaining back lost Stamina:

Catch One's Breath: When a character is out of combat, he will regain lost Stamina through a 'regeneration' effect of 1 + CON modifier HP per round. If a character's CON modifier is negative, the rate will be +1 HP every 1 - CON modifier rounds.

Wounded: When a character has been knocked unconscious (Hit 0 Stamina or lower), a character is Wounded and has its passive Stamina regeneration as well as the Adrenaline Rush feat limited to 33% of his or her maximum Stamina. Resting will remove this effect, as will being healed by a skilled enough healer or through a powerful healing spell.

Adrenaline Rush Feat: The adrenaline rush refers to an activity of the adrenal gland in a fight-or-flight response, when it is releasing adrenaline. An adrenaline rush causes the muscles to perform respiration at an increased rate improving strength.

  • The Adrenaline Rush lets the character regain Stamina equal to the character's CON + Level up to a maximum of 80% of the total Stamina.
  • Useable only in combat.
  • Cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • Useable without penalties CON x 0,5 times per day.
  • Using the feat thereafter up to CON x 0,25 times will make the character tired = STR -2, DEX -2, Movespeed -20%. A rest will remove the negative effects.
  • Using feat thereafter up to CON x 0,25 times will make the character fatigued = STR -4, DEX -4, Movespeed -40%. A rest will remove the negative effects.

Healkits: Healing kits partially restore the Stamina of the character they are used on, even beyond any passive regeneration limits such as that imposed by the Wounded status. A skilled healer (5+ heal) can remove detrimental effects like Poison and Ability Score damage, and an expert (10+ heal) can even remove the Wounded status altogether without requiring rest.

Healing Herbs : Healing herbs can be found in outdoor areas through the Survival skill. The DC can vary greatly between areas.

Resting: Regular resting will heal 1 hit point per character level. However, certain areas will increase your healrate when they are rested in, such as inns and other comfortable and secure locations. If the character has been healed by a kit the healrate might increase during rest, all depending on the skill of the healer.

Spells: Few ever encounter someone blessed with the divine powers of healing and it is truly a wonder to witness, due such a spell is able to instantly heal even the most lethal of wounds.

Potions: The knowledge of how to manufacture healing potions has been lost with time. However, it is said that long forgotten places may hold a vial or two of the magical liquid. Potions are able to heal a character both in combat, outside of combat as well as above the 80% limit.

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