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Date of birth and death unknown


Hellmask...the name alone sent chills along the spine if you lived on the Three Isles. He was the executioner working for the Church of Garagor located on the Smoke Isle. No one knew his true name, or had seen his face. Ever since he began his services for the Church of Garagor, the people of the Isles had called him Hellmask, for a black hood covered his head. Few had managed to even see his eyes through the hood, and it is said that the evil in them was enough to slay a man on the spot.

The Church of Garagor used to have permission to deal with any criminality committed on Smoke Isle. It was not unheard of that other criminals, especially foreigners, caught on the other Isles were sent there as well.

Hellmask stood 6ยด4 tall and weighed well over 300 pounds. His fat belly revealed the nature of his work, which was mostly standing still, but his otherwise powerful stature told of great strength. The feared executioner disapeared during the Cataclysm, and it is not known whether he died or decided to leave his beloved profession behind.

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