Heraldic Shields

From World of Charun

Your character may have his own heraldic shield upon reaching sufficient level, regardless of his or her class. This shield can be worn by the character or/and by the characters followers or other hirelings (more information can be found under the Strongholds section).


  • The player character must have reached level 10.
  • The player character must have a stronghold.
  • The chosen heraldry must not be used elsewhere, by other PCs, nations, faiths, groups etc.
  • The chosen heraldry must be given a good explanation.
  • The chosen heraldry must fit with the alignment of the PC. A good character would not have the severed head of a baby stuck on to a pole on his shield.

The initial cost of reserving the heraldic shield for your character is 10 000 gp. After that you are free to purchase as many shields as you want bearing the heraldry, and hand them to who you wish.

How to choose a shield:
Pictures of the available heraldry will be avialable here soon.

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