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City State founded by Halflings in 14 IV
Destroyed in 393 IV by the Dazak

Port Farrowbar of Hillyfield
Port Farrowbar of Hillyfield



Hillyfield was an easy sight in a difficult age. Coastal plains met rolling hills, providing fertile land ideal for the extensive farmland blanketing the region. Hillyfield was a simple, rustic land burdened by neither the complications of city life, nor the harshness of the wilderness. In many ways, the town and nation was a reflection of the halflings that lived there; earnest and hardworking, spirit unbowed by the troubled times. Despite near total destruction of their former homeland of Halflington, halflings managed to preserve their way of life virtually unchanged in Hillyfield.

The first section of settements, along with the castle, were built at Castle Farrowbar by the coast. From there on, the halflings expanded towards the west, with the fortified Hillyfield Main as the most western part of their state.

Hillyfield Main Massacre
Hillyfield Main was sacked by a large Dazak raiding party on the 20th of Haerius 362 IV. 356 halflings lost their lives in the attack that is known as the Hillyfield Main Massacre. It finally led to the halflings retreating slightly towards the walls of Port Farrowbar, somewhat cutting down the size of their state. With Hillyfield Main destroyed, Port Farrowbar became the new site of the ‘Council of Oldies’ that ruled the state. That council never took sufficient steps for its own defense, relying upon the Niemathar to the south for protection, with disastrous consequences.

Destruction of the realm
In 393 IV a large force of Dazak was assembled under a warlord named Bator who marched against Green Glade. Unknown to both the Niematharin and the Halflings, his real target was Port Farrowbar. After skirmishing with the elves for a few hours and trading arrows, Bator appeared to withdraw -- only to completely overrun the unprepared halflings at Port Farrowbar. It is said that only about one in five halflings survived the ensuing slaughter, mainly by either fleeing south into the Glade as fast as their feet could carry them, or else by piling into ships and putting off for the Three Isles, whether the ships had sufficient provisions for the journey or not.

In the process, Bator's Dazaks set about impaling Halfling adults, but also kidnapping children, as was their custom, and tying them to their horses to neutralize the Niematharin advantage in archery. When the Niemathar ventured out onto the plains to try to rescue the halfling children, they walked directly into a trap, resulting in what the elves call the Slaughter of Sons. The Niematharin army was devastated, with fewer than seventy surviving a concentrated hail of arrows from all sides.

While Bator himself was later brutally torn to pieces in his own camp by a dragon, which flew in from the Glade and then flew out, as if to send a very pointed message, the damage was done. Those halflings who fled to the Glade remained there, and have gradually integrated into Niematharin society, and the surviving children were adopted and raised as "Grass Halflings," keeping Dazak customs and calling themselves by Dazak names.

Today Hillyfield Main is mostly pasturage and forest, with only a few stone remnants and partially-remaining buildings to mark where it stood. Port Farrowbar is completely ruined and overrun with dangerous creatures. It is said that not even the Dazaks bother to go there, except carefully and in numbers, and even then only to find animals which have gotten away from their herds.


Like Halflington, Hillyfield was ruled by the ‘Council of Oldies’. This body was formed of three halflings; the mayor, and elected Position, the militia captain, and the oldest and most experienced halfling in the lands. The council handled all of Hillyfield’s governmental affairs, from foreign policy to law enforcement. Decision making was arbitrary at best, as few laws or policies were actually written down. The council housed in Castle Farrowbar in Port Farrowbar.


Hillyfield was not nearly as prosperous as in its prime, primarily due to the loss of land. Relying on precious farmland for their own subsistence more than ever, they could no longer afford to export vast food surpluses to the Three Isles as they once did. Still halfings were able to produce much of what they need, and were just thrifty enough to trade the remainder for any other necessities. Primary exports included small amounts of ale, wine, and tobacco. Since these items were found in such small quantities outside of Hillyfield, they were regarded as a luxury item by most and are priced accordingly.


Hillyfield Militia member
Hillyfield Militia member

Along with their reduced population, Hillyfield sported a weakened military presence. They relied on a militia for defense, but were barely able to field enough fighters to adequately police their own lands. Despite this, the militia was surprisingly well trained and organized.


There was no official religion in Hillyfield, nor were there any established temples or shrines within its boundaries. Most Halflings paid homage to the Halfling Pantheon in some form or another, but few showed interest in taking time from their day in pursuit of organized religious practices.

Statistics before destruction

Population: 18.000

Army: Hillyfield Militia - 800 members

Government form: Gerontocracy

Last Ruler: The Oldies; Mayor Bobdo Applebar (of Bywater), Captain Tiba Longlock (from Loamsdown), Granther Frigo Tophill (of Proudneck)

Demographics: 99% Halfling, 1% Niemathar

Heraldic Colours: None

Natural Resources: Corn, Wheat, Tobacco, Fruit

Manufactured Goods: Wine, Ale, Foodstuffs

Wealth: Average

Allies: Green Glade

Enemies: Dazakia

Religion: Various

Illegal Deities: None

Climate: Mediterranean

Terrain: Coastal Plains, Hills

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