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The God of all Thieves
The God of all Thieves

"Clearly a power responsible for spreading repugnant, erratic influences and disrespect for law and order. I strongly advice you to distance yourselves from this power" - A priest of Haerian

Hirziz is the god of all thieves, a power thriving through nimble fingers and quick wits in action. He is said to dwell in a grand, ever-changing palace; a maze filled with traps and tricks unpassable without his approval. He has scorched, black skin that cracks up depending on his mood, revealing the furious fire burning within and it is said that in battle the deity transforms into a terrifying, fiery being. His dagger is according to legend cut out of a large infernal diamond which he stole from one of the Dukes of Hell, but the most feared and famous of his weapons is a massive, barbed whip known to tear asunder most objects, living or dead, found in the mortal world.



Thieves, Thievery


The plane of Pronuro, in a grand, ever-changing palace; a maze filled with traps and tricks unpassable without his approval.


It is not known how Hirziz entered the mortal world. The nature of his faith and the lack of set rituals points at him arriving more or less in secrecy, intervening on individual basis rather than through large masses led by priests.


Hirziz is a capricious power, known to both aid and impede his faithful during an act of thievery. However, few are able to tell if they succeeded or failed due to a whim of the god, or rather mere fate. Even fewer know how to please him, yet most thieves agree on that it is wise to have a good relationship to the deity...just incase. Thus there aren't any set ceremonies or ways of worship, resulting in highly individual rituals.


Thieves, spies, and others involved in making a living through stealing or their quick wits see Hirziz as an influential power. They don't include robbers and cut-throats as much as they do burglars, pick pockets and special agents using their skills and wits to get what they want without detection. Bardum and the region of Kurash is the stronghold of Hirziz's faith. There are, however, large followings found in most larger settlements across Charun, mainly on the Three Isles and the Umair cities.

Hirziz is also occasionally invoked by those involved in deceptive actions such as affairs, though this is uncommon.


The eternal debate surrounding the faith is whether a certain situation involved an intervention of the god, or if the outcome was merely luck, or just plain bad luck. Many failing a task are known to blame it on a whim of Hirziz, instead of their poor performance. The opposite is not unheard of either, where thieves brag of accomplishing something without the aid of the deity.


Very few priests of Hirziz exist. However, the occasional thief or spy is known to enter a pact with the god, gaining magical powers in return. These mystical thieves are often envied by their colleagues, since their magical powers highly increase their chances of succeeding with their thefts.

All priests of Hirziz have five burn marks on their chest - marks suffered during the ritual when they entered a pact with Hirziz. It is said that these marks come from the scorching hot finger tips of the deity.

Granted Powers: Burning and Lurking


A fiery eye within a circle of fire, a transparent dagger, or a circle consisting of a barbed whip with a fiery eye within


Black, Fiery Yellow

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