Holy Martyrs of Narghal

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Knight of the Holy Martyrs fighting a young dragon
Knight of the Holy Martyrs fighting a young dragon

These knights believed that Narghal was handed to them by the Gods, and that it was a holy land that had to be reclaimed and rebuilt. They had General Tremoel and his order of knights as role models. Tremoel and his knights were known as the Martyrs of Narghal for they gave their lives defending their nation against the vampires in the Second Age.

The order welcomed men and women of all trades in life, as long as they were of Narghali bloodline and had righteous hearts. In order to be accepted they had to pass a trial of the knight. If successful, they were knighted by Gilbert de Berard during which they swore allegiance to their order and their holy mission. They were not suicidal, even though the word martyr might suggest it. Many of them were, however, not afraid of death, since they believed that they were in the Overlord’s hands and whatever happened to them was destined for them.

The knights of the Order of the Holy Martyrs of Narghal all wore armour and shields identical to those of the knights of general Tremoel that died as martyrs in the Second Age. Being a worshipper of Brunir was not necessary, as long as they abided to the rules of the order.

The knights were known as Knight Brothers/Sisters in the order, while the clerics were known as Chaplain Brothers/Sisters.


Birth: 908 III
End: 913 III
Founder: Gilbert de Berard
Members: 50+
Purpose: Liberate Narghal from the undead and rebuild it in its glory.
Last Leader: Gilbert de Berard
Head Quarters: Fortress of the Holy Martyrs outside Elmwood’s northern border in the Grey Plains. It is today known as Dùn Àrsaidh
Area of Operation: Anywhere as long as it benefits the greater goal.
Symbol: The old heraldic shield and banner of Narghal.


The order was formed by Gilbert de Berard, a former knight of Stormwood, in 908 III. He grew disillusioned serving Stormwood, since he said that he did not see the meaning with trying to rebuild or copy Narghal when the former realm lay not far away, waiting to be reclaimed.

One night in Airin 908 III Gilbert claimed to have had a dream. A divine messenger from Brunir visited him and told him that Narghal was a holy land, given to the Narghali by the Gods and that it had to be retaken from the vampires. The next morning he left Stormwood with the goal of forming a new order based on the virtues of the famous 100 martyrs of Narghal and their leader, General Tremoel. This order would pursue the path given to him by Brunir, a holy mission that would be completed since it was the will of the Overlord.

Gilbert de Berard was quite wealthy, which helped his cause. He built a great fortress in the no-mans-land just north of the Elmwood Border in the Grey Plains and sent word into Elmwood and Stormwood that righteous people of Narghali bloodline were welcome to hear his vision handed to him by the Overlord. Many dismissed his goal as rubbish, since Narghal was long lost and dwelled in the history by now. Some did, however, embrace his words and joined the order. These men and women saw the current nations of Stormwood and Elmwood as mere shadows of the former glory of Narghal. They all shared the belief that Narghal was a holy land, granted to their people by the Gods, and that it must be reclaimed and rebuilt in its former glory.

The order ceased existing with the Cataclysm, leaving merely their ruined fortress as proof of their existence.

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