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Knight Kneeling in front of a Window facing the Sea of Sharks
Knight Kneeling in front of a Window facing the Sea of Sharks

The Holy Paladin Order of the Merciful Sword was dedicated to Brunir, and it fought to purge the nation of Elmwood from evil. As their uttermost mission they sought to rid the world of demons and devils that they considered to be the perverted manifestation of the source of all evil. The members consisted of a handful of paladins and a score of dedicated knights.

The order came to existence again in 362 IV when it was re-established by Tyren Darkstar under the name 'Order of the Merciful Sword'.

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Birth: 457 III
End: 913 III
Founder: Treasa Sheridan
Members: 20+
Purpose: Purge the lands of Elmwood from evil. Seek out and destroy demons and devils.
Last Leader: Sir Wilhelm Desmond
Head Quarters: Elmwood Keep, Halls of the Merciful Sword
Area of Operation: Nation of Elmwood
Symbol: A silver pendant with a glowing sword on it.


The paladin order was formed simultaneously as the temple of Brunir of Elmwood Keep in 457 III, and they acted as guardians to the temple ever since. Evan Sheridan was the bishop who founded the temple and his sister, Treasa Sheridan, founded the paladin order. Both were native to Elmwood. Treasa had felt the call of Brunir at an early age, travelling across the realms seeking and destroying evil for years until she received a vision in a prayer. She felt compelled to found a holy paladin order to protect the soon-to-be temple of Brunir.

In the beginning there were incongruity between the officials (read Armed Forces) and the Order of the Merciful Sword, as their opinions of how to enforce law differed. The paladins never stood passive when an act of evil was committed in the keep, which led to several order members being sent to court and sentenced to jail. They were all referred to as martyrs within the order, while the officials of Elmwood simply called them vigilantes.

After a couple of turbulent decades the matter was more or less solved. The Paladin Order recognised the Armed Forces as the official organisation of law in the land, focussing more on finding evil where the law of Elmwood could not reach.

When Elmwood was dissolved in 910 III due to a plot by the Church of Garagor, who manoeuvred their own candidate into power, the Brunite Temple moved to the newly founded village of Brunir's Cross and the Merciful Sword order followed them. They spent the last three years of the Third Age with trying to find proof of the Garagorians being behind the dissolvement of Elmwood, which wasn't public knowledge back then. The order perished in the Cataclysm, along with the village of Brunir's Cross.

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