Josephine Babineux

From World of Charun

335 IV -363 IV

PC played by Shadews


Comtesse of Shadowhold

"The path to power is filled with blood"
-Josephine Babineux

Few persons of the Old Land have held the fate of the region in their hands, as Josephine Babineux did. The rulers and nations could have been very different from today, would it not have been for a few twists of fate that brought the downfall, rather than the rise of Josephine.

Josephine was an unwanted child that lived in the shadow of her sister. Following her abusive, drunken father's example, she learned quickly that intimidation and strength is a good way to get what one needs. In her teens she revolted and went against her mother's wishes to pursue a career within the Brunite church. Instead she took service as a squire to a Sanctian knight, Serge, who was a friend of her father's. Against what everybody expected, the girl showed potential, rapidly progressing in the art of warfare. It was during these times that she began seeking comfort in the teachings of Garagor, partly because a part of her blamed Brunir for the trouble in her life. Eventually it led to her fosaking all Sanctian values and traditions - even when it came to choice of god.

Josephine eventually left her homeland in 359 IV and ventured to Trade Town in the Wild Hills, with hopes of adventure and fortune. It was there she encountered those with whom she would form the group known as Eagle's Ruin.

Eagle's Ruin

As the leader of Eagle's Ruin, Josephine and her comrades plotted for the downfall of the Brunites of the Old Land. Their first step towards power was the successful take-over of Trade Town through killing the mercenary captain in charge, known as Bull. It was Josephine who killed the brutish warrior after a vicious knife-fight in the Sea of Sharks, where Bull had swam to avoid his assassins.

With Trade Town under their control, they proceeded their climb to power through skilled diplomacy and clever plans. However, their methods concerned other powerful individuals in the region, such as Tyren Darkstar and Randvar Leikrson, as well as their allies. They quickly grew into bitter enemies of the Eagle's Ruin gathering, with many skirmishes and conflicts as a result.

Josephine led Eagle's Ruin into war against Sanctia in 362 IV, thinking that the Hillfolk were on their side. However, the game was played in an even more clever way by Cadman, leader of the Hillfolk, who deceived his unsuspecting "allies". Josephine and two other members were captured and handed over to Sanctia and the war was over. The capture of Josephine would also spell the end of Eagle's Ruin.

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After spending more than a year in prison, Josephine finally faced her trial on the 3rd of Randine 363 IV. She was charged with the murder of a Giardanite priest, association with an abbysal creature known as Lord Raze, the murder of Eothewar and the murder of the knights in the event that launched the war. She was found quilty and sentenced to death by hanging - a sentence which was to be carried out the same day.

Josephine was escorted to the gallows by 30 knights, a force that startled her companions that plotted to free her at the site. This was when fate interfered through the brief appearence of Lord Raze, who was presumed to be dead. The abyssal knight sundered the city gates and charged the guards, causing such mayhem that Josephine and her associates could escape to the sewer system.

A dozen knights and rangers of Sanctia pursued them, along with their arch-enemies, Randvar, Kathleen, Bahira and some new founds allies of them. The survivors of Shadowhold had a clever plan. They were to enter a secret hide-out occupied by one of them, where they were to hide until things calmed down. However, in the mayhem they managed to get lost in the sewers while fighting pursuing knights, and they ended up in the cavern system known as the "Cave Ways" that runs beneath the Old Land.

Pursuing rangers and knights, along with various dangers encountered along the way hampered and weakened them. Josephine, who ran in nothing but a ragged tunic, had only been given a simple sword and a shield, but she had nevertheless managed to stay alive.

One wrong turn in the caverns turned out to be a dire mistake. As the group turned back, they found themselves face to face with their arch-enemies led by Randvar Leikrson. An epic battle followed upon an ancient bridge in the depths. Montsho, the dark priest, held the frontline for what seemed an eternity, until he was cut down and beheaded. Kegal, the mage, was also brought down - but the clever necromancer managed to crawl away in the heat of battle and survive. Josephine retreated along with Viplav Rajani, an eastern sorcerer, finally ending up on another bridge. She was finally surrounded and slain, hacked to pieces as she lay bleeding on the ground.

Her remains were taken to a secret, unmarked location and burned.

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