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The Kanjite use the same names for both genders. Names, much like their society, is strictly divided into the caste system. You will find each name in the list marked with a (V), (H), (I) or (A).

  • (V) = Names used by the Vipra, which is the priest caste. They use only a first name.
  • (H) = Names used by the Hatriya, the warrior and ruling caste. They have a first name, as well as a lastname (picked from the same list)
  • (I) = Names used by the Ishya, the artisan, magician and soldier caste. They use only one name, along with their profession as their last name. Example: Hakesh Blacksmith.
  • (A) = Names used by both the Ashudra, the agricultural, hunter and labour caste, as well as the Adava, the casteless ones. They use only a first name.

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Aadhira = Moon (A)

Aadi = Important (V)

Aakaar = Shape (A)

Aakash = Sky (A)

Abhay = Fearless (H)

Abhijat = Wise (V)

Abhijay = Victor (H)

Abhilash = Wish; Desire (I)

Abhyudaya = Luck (I)

Achyuta = Indestructible (H)

Adarsh = Ideal (V)

Adil = Sincere (I)

Adit = First Born (A)

Aditya = Sun (A)

Advaita = Focussed (I)

Advay = Unique(I)

Ajatashatru = Without enemies (I)

Ajay = Unconquered (H)

Akand = Calm (I)

Amalendu = Pure like the moon (I)

Amalesh = Pure (I)

Amartya = Immortal (V)

Ambuj = Lotus (V)

Amolik = Priceless (I)

Anadi = Eternal (V)

Anant = Infinite (V)

Angaj = Son (A)

Animesh = Bright (V)

Anirudh = Boundless (V)

Anirudhha = Cooperative (I)

Anirvan = Undying (V)

Anish = Supreme (H)

Ankush = Control (I)

Anuj = Younger Brother (A)

Anupam = Incomparable (H)

Anurag = Attachment, devotion, love (I)

Arihant = One who has killed his enemies (H)

Ashwathama = Fiery tempered (H)

Atmajyoti = Light of soul (V)

Atraiu = Great Warrior (H)

Avikam = Diamond (I)


Badal = Cloud (A)

Bakool = Flower (A)

Balbir = Full of strenght (H)

Balraj = Strong (H)

Balwant = Powerful (H)

Bandhu = Helper (A)

Bansi = Flute (A)

Barindra = Ocean (A)

Barsaat = Welcome rain (A)

Barun = Lord of the sea (A)

Basant = Spring (A)

Bhardwaj = A sage (V)

Bhaumik = Earthly (A)

Bheru = Friend (A)

Bhishma = Teacher (V)

Bhupad = Firm (H)

Bir = Courageous (H)

Birbal = Brave heart (H)

Biren = Lord of warriors (H)

Birendra = King of Warriors (H)


Chahel = Good cheer (A)

Chaitanya = Famous sage (V)

Chatura = Clever (I)

Chetan = Perceptive (I)

Chiman = Curious (I)

Chinmay = Supreme consciousness (V)

Chintan = A thought (V)


Daiwik = By the grace of God (V)

Dakshi = The glorious (V)

Daman = Controller (H)

Danvir = Charitable (I)

Dayanand = One who likes being merciful (I)

Dayaram = Merciful (I)

Debashish = Pleased by gods(V)

Deependra = Lord of light (V)

Devadut = Gift of god (V)

Devaj = From God (V)

Devak = Divine (V)

Devanand = Joy of god (V)

Devang = Part of god (V)

Devank = Godly (V)

Devdarsh = Worshipper of God (V)

Devdas = Servant of god (V)

Devdatta = Given by God (V)

Devrat = Spiritual (V)

Dhairya = Patience (I)

Dhananjay = One who wins wealth (I)

Dhanesh = Lord of wealth (I)

Dhanraj = King of wealth (I)

Dharmadev = Lord of law (H)

Dhaval = Fair complexioned (A)

Dhimant = Intelligent (I)

Dhiren = One who is strong (H)

Dhirendra = Lord of the brave (H)

Digvijay = Conqueror (H)

Dulal = Loved one (I)

Duranjaya = A heroic son (H)

Durjaya = Difficult to conquer (H)

Daiwik = By the grace of God (V)


Edi = Herb (A)

Ednit = Evolved (I)

Ehimay = All pervasive (I)

Ekanga = Bodyguard (I)

Ekansh = Whole (I)

Ekavir = Bravest of the brave (H)

Ekbal = Dignity (I)

Eknath = Poet (I)


Gaganvihari = One who stays in heaven (V)

Gajendra = Elephant king (I)

Gandhik = Fragrance (I)

Gaurav = Honour, pride, respect (H)

Geet = Song (A)

Giri = Mount (A)

Giridha = One who holds mountain (A)

Girilal = Son of mountain (A)

Giriraj = Lord of mountain (A)

Gopan = Protection (I)

Goral = Lovable (I)

Govind = Cowherd (A)

Grishm = Heat (A)

Gul = Flower (A)

Gulab = Rose (A)

Gulal = Colour red (A)

Gunamay = Virtuous (V)

Gunaratna = Jewel of virtue (V)


Hakesh = Lord of sound (I)

Hardik = Full of love (A)

Harij = The horizon (A)

Harindra = A tree (A)

Haripreet = Beloved of Gods (V)

Harjit = Victor (H)

Harmendra = Moon (A)

Haroon = Hope (I)

Harsha = Joy, delight (I)

Harshal =Lover (A)

Harshit = Joyful (A)

Harshul = Deer (A)

Harshvardhan = One who increases joy (A)

Hasmukh = Full of cheer (A)

Hemachandra = Golden moon (I)

Hemadri = Mountain of gold (I)

Hemal = Golden (I)

Hemang = One with shining body (I)

Hemant = One of the six seasons (A)

Hemaraj = King of gold (I)

Hemdev = Lord of wealth (I)

Hemendra = Lord of gold (I)

Hemish = Lord of the earth (A)

Hemraj = King of wealth (I)

Hetal = Cheerful (A)

Himmat = Brave (H)

Hira = Diamond (I)

Hiranya = Wealth (I)

Hiren = Lord genius (V)

Hiresh = King of gems (I)

Hitendra = Well wisher (I)

Hitesh = Lord of goodness (A)

Hridayesh = King of heart (A)

Hridaynath = Beloved (I)

Hrishi = Pleasure (I)

Hrishikesh = One who controls senses (V)

Hryday = Heart (A)

Hrydayesh = Lord of hearts (A)


Ikshan = Sight (I)

Ikshu = Sugarcane (A)

Inas = Capable (I)

Indraneel = Emerald (I)

Inesh = King of kings (H)

Inoday = Sunrise (A)

Iravan = King of ocean (A)

Iravat = Rain clouds (A)

Ishat = Superior (H)

Ishayu = Full of strength (H)

Ishwar = Powerful, the supreme (H)


Jagadeep = Light of the world (V)

Jagadhidh = Lord of the world (H)

Jagajeet = Conquerer of the world (H)

Jagajeevan = Life of the world (V)

Jagat = World (A)

Jagdeep = Light of the Universe (V)

Jagdish = King of the World (H)

Jagesh = Lord of the Universe (V)

Jagmohan = One who attracts the world (V)

Jagrav = Awakened (V)

Jaideep = Victory to the light (V)

Jaiman = Victorious (H)

Jairaj = Lord of victory (H)

Jaisukh = Happy victor (H)

Jaival = Life giving (A)

Janardan = One who helps people (A)

Janesh = Lord of men (H)

Janu = Soul; Life force (A)

Jasraj = King of fame (H)

Jasveer = Hero of fame (H)

Jatan = Nurturing (A)

Jayadeep = Light of victory (V)

Jayaditya = Victorious sun (H)

Jayashekhar = Crest of victory (H)

Jayendra = Lord of victory (H)

Jayin = Conqueror (H)

Jeevan = Life (A)

Jignesh = Intellectual Curiosity (I)

Jishnu = Triumphant (H)

Jitendra = Lord of conquerers (H)

Jivaj = Full of life (I)

Jnyandeep = Light of knowledge (V)


Kalpesh = Lord of perfection (V)

Kalyan = Fortunate (I)

Kamod = He fulfills wishes (I)

Kanan = Forest (A)

Kanvar = Prince (H)

Kanwaljit = Lotus (A)

Kapil = Sage (V)

Kapoor = Saffron (A)

Karan = Instrument (A)

Karm = Fate (I)

Karmjit = Winner over obstacles (H)

Karnam = Famed (I)

Kartar = Lord of creation (V)

Karunesh = Lord of mercy (I)

Kaushal = Clever, skilled (I)

Kaushik = Sentiment of love (A)

Kautik = Joy (A)

Kavi = A wise man, poet (V)

Kavin = Handsome/ Beautiful (A)

Ketak = Flower (A)

Ketubh = Cloud (A)

Kewal = Only (A)

Khushal = Happy (A)

Kiran = Sun rays (A)

Kiratidev = Lord of light (V)

Kirit = Crown (H)

Kirtin = Celebrated (H)

Kovidh = Wise (I)

Kripal = Compassionate (I)

Kritanu = Skilled (I)

Kritiman = Sculptor (I)

Kshantu = Patient (I)

Kshiraj = Nectar (A)

Kunsh = Shining (I)

Kvanh = Melodious sounds (I)


Labh = Gain (I)

Lahar = Wave (A)

Lakshan = Aim (A)

Lalam = Jewel (I)

Lali = Blushing (A)

Lalit = Beautiful (I)

Lalitmohan = Beautiful and attractive (I)


Madhav = Sweet like honey (A)

Madhu = Honey, nectar (A)

Madhukar = Honey bee, lover (A)

Madin = Delightful (A)

Mahabala = Great strength (H)

Mahant = Great (H)

Mahavir = Most courageous among men (H)

Maheepati = The king (H)

Mahit = Honoured (H)

Maitreya = Friend (A)

Makarand = Bee (A)

Makrand = Honey (A)

Malank = King (H)

Mamraj = Lord of affection (A)

Manavendra = King among men (H)

Mandar = Flower (A)

Mandhatri = Prince (H)

Manendra = King of mind (V)

Maniram = Jewel of a person (I)

Manit = Highly respected (V)

Mannan = Thought (I)

Manohar = One who wins over mind (I)

Manoj = Born of mind (I)

Manoranjan = One who pleases the mind (I)

Manprasad = Mentally calm and cool person (I)

Mansukh = Pleasure of mind (I)

Mareech = Ray of light (V)

Matsendra = King of the fishes (A)

Maulik = Precious (A)

Mayur = Peacock (A)

Meghdutt = Gift of clouds (A)

Meghnad = Thunder (A)

Mikul = Comrade (A)

Mitesh = One with few desires (A)

Mithil = Kingdom (H)

Modal = Enjoyment (A)

Moh = Love (A)

Mohan = Charming, fascinating (I)

Mohin = Attractive (A)

Mohit = Ensnarled by beauty (A)

Moti = Pearl (I)

Murli = Flute (A)


Nachiketa = Fire (A)

Nadish = Ocean (A)

Nalesh = King of flowers (A)

Naman = Renowned (I)

Nanda = Meritorious, great achiever (H)

Narmad = Bringing delight (A)

Narottam = Best among men (H)

Nartan = Dance (A)

Naruna = Leader of men (H)

Navrang = Colourful (A)

Navtej = New Light (V)

Nayakan = Hero (H)

Nayan = Eye (A)

Neel = Blue (A)

Nidhish = Lord of treasure (I)

Nihal = Content (A)

Nihar = Mist, fog, dew (A)

Nikash = Horizon (A)

Niket = Home (A)

Nikhil = Complete, whole (A)

Ninad = Sound, gentle sound of water (A)

Nipun = Expert (I)

Nirad = Given by water (A)

Nirbhay = Fearless (H)

Nirek = Superior (H)

Nishant = Peaceful;Early Morning ;Dawn (A)

Nishat = A tree (A)

Nityasundar = Ever good-looking (A)


Ojas = Body strength (H)

Ojayit = Courageous (H)

Omprakash = Sacred light (V)

Oojam = Enthusiasm (I)

Oorjit = Powerful (H)


Param = Ultimate (H)

Paramartha = Highest truth (V)

Paramjeet = Highest success (H)

Paramjit = Heroic (H)

Paresh = Supreme spirit (V)

Pariket = Against desire (A)

Parikshit = Proven (I)

Parimal = Fragrance (A)

Parmeet = Wisdom (I)

Pavan = Wind (A)

Poonish = Lord of the pious (V)

Prabal = Strong (H)

Prabhat = Dawn (A)

Prabir = Hero, brave one (H)

Prabodhan = Knowledge (I)

Prajit = Winning (H)

Pramesh = Master of accurate knowledge (V)

Pramit = Consciousness (I)

Pramod = Happiness (I)

Pranet = Leader (H)

Prashant = Calm and composed (I)

Pratap = Dignity, majesty (H)

Pravin = Expert; Skilled (I)

Pravit = Hero (H)

Premal = Full of love (A)

Premanand = Joy of love (A)

Priyaranjan = Beloved (A)

Purushottam = Best among men (H)


Rajan = King (H)

Rajani = Night (A)

Rajat = Courage (H)

Rajdeep = Best of Kings (H)

Rajit = Brilliant (I)


Saanjh = Evening (A)

Sabal = With strength (H)

Sabrang = Rainbow (A)

Sachetan = Rational (I)

Sadavir = Ever courageous (H)


Tarak = Star, pupil of eye, protector (I)

Taraksh = Mountain (A)

Taran = Raft, heaven (A)

Tarang = Wave (A)

Tejas = Sharpness (A)


Varun = Wind; Lord of water (A)

Vibhu = Strong (H)

Vibodh = Wise (I)

Vidip = Bright (I)

Vidyacharan = Learned (I)

Vidyut = Brilliant; Lightening (I)

Vihang = A bird (A)

Vijay = Victory (H)

Vikramendra = King of prowess (H)

Vikrant = Powerful (H)

Vilas = Coolness (I)

Vinay = Good manners (I)

Viplav = Drifting about, revolution (A)

Viranath = Lord of the brave (H)

Virendra = Lord of the heroes (H)

Vishal = Great (H)

Vishvas = Faith (I)

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