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334 - 406 IV

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Queen of Atalheim

A more ambiguous figure than her renowned husband, the Queen of Atalheim was known to have lead an eventful and at times tumultuous life before assuming her regal position. She was at times been known as both Kathe, Kathleen as well as several other names. Latter on in life she wasrecognized as an important leadership figure in Atalheim, with a following of her own as much from her past history as her current status. She was also known as an occasional ally to the likes of Ruvat Darathain and Bahira, having participated in a number of known exploits with both.

The Origin

Born to unknown parents on Smoke Isle, her early childhood was for the most part spent with the roaming packs of children indigenous to the isle. At the age of ten her bleak existence however took a drastic turn; while seeking shelter for the night she was suddenly and violently snatched by a man in the employ of the Church of Garagor. At least as much a ‘miner’s girl’ as the next Smokey kid, she stubbornly fought back to little avail. Yet her futile kicking, screaming, biting and scratching at the eyes brought unexpected results: The priest that received the cultist was less than impressed with the state he was in after abducting a ten-year old - in fact he was more likely amused by the scene. Whatever the case, the young girl never met her fate in a ritual and was instead taken in. Soon broken, her newfound home set to re-forging her nature into a far more useful tool. Her tutors made sure she was not only schooled religiously, but also in languages, politics and subterfuge. In their care she came to regard the Church as the only true family she had, and the clergy and teachers with it as her parents. When she was of sufficient age her martial training with the Order of the Tainted Sword began, ending with her orders to enlist in the Army of the Isles at age 16.

In the Old Lands

Having served her 5 years as eyes and ears in the Isles Army, she was now a capable warrior in her own right. Thus she was sent to protect Old Land members of the Order of the Flame and Order of the Faith, the priest Erhard Ghislain notable among the latter.
Like so many she quickly became immersed in the regional adventuring community, in particular taking an interest in a group of Brunites roaming the region. While engaged in her other projects she managed to work herself into their circle, becoming especially close with the aide to the famous Brunite knight, Arathion Brightblade. It is believed it was during this time she rose to the rank of Punisher within her order.
Plans however began to crumble as Ghislain was called out as a Garagorian by Randvar Leikrson. At first the Northman explorer was to be killed in a duel sanctioned by the Sanctian courts, though the plot was abandoned when Ghislain was forced to flee to the Three Isles.


While the exact details are sketchy, it is known that Gerard of Sanctia, aide to Arathion Brightblade, came to reveal Kathe as a Garagorian shortly after her failure in turning up to deal with a Sauroid the knight had set out to slay. Though mortal enemies, the two struck an apparent deal at the cost of Kathe’s left hand little finger; a mark she carries to this day. It was rumored an illicit affair between the two brought the Punisher from her calling, a novel tale that only grew more vivid as the Church of Garagor soon distributed letters in the thousands across Sanctia.

Excerpt, 27th of Airin 357:
Gerard, who claims to be a pious man in celibacy, had a wild and passionate love-affair with a woman known as Kathe. His wish was to keep it secret, probably not to reveal the cravings of his flesh. Not long ago he learned something that made him hunt his lover into the woods, threaten her at sword point, steal her belongings and cut off one of her fingers, before sending her running away. What was it that was so horrible that turned the man into a raging vigilante, who without hesitation victimised and mutilated his lover? It was quite simple actually. He found out that his lover worshipped the wrong god, my god Garagor.

In Service to the North

Finding herself in hiding in the western Old Land, her foundations had been shaken as it soon became known she had in fact abandoned her faith. Until then, Garagor had been the provider of most things important to her; hopes, dreams, her family and career. All this was now shattered, due she decided to turn her back on the god - a decision she knew would turn her former patrons into the most dangerous of foes. Meanwhile she was just as sought after by the opposition; prominent people such as Arathion Brightblade and Tyren Darkstar more than interested in clearing up the matter. It was then a, to her, new concept revealed itself: Adventurer friends, neutral freelancers and mercenaries all, kept her hidden and alive during the whole year she spent in hiding. Eventually help came in form of her agreement to aid Randvar Leikrson, who arranged Ulvhavian citizenship for her, and made her an official of Nyhavn - thus giving her protection.

Friendship developed into love, and the two were married in 361 IV.

A Nation rises from the Ashes

Seeing protective elements from the region disappearing, such as the murders of the Brunite knight Marc Vichiers and Giardainite priest Ferguson, Kathleen took an active and risky part in shattering the group known as the Eagle's Ruin – realizing as it as much as a threat to the people of the Old Land as to her own person.

She carried on siding with Randvar, sharing his visions, protection their common cause and fighting their foes. As the war known as the Old Land Stand began, Randvar and his men were in the middle of it. Even though they were a small force without a nation, they performed well. The war ended with the Battle of Blood Valley in Zurkah 364 IV, where the Kanjite were defeated and driven off the shores of the Old Land.

Following the Old Land Stand, Randvar and his spouse Kathleen swiftly set their plans into motion. The nation of Atalheim was announced on the 3rd of Brunat 364 IV, with King Randvar Leikrson and Queen Kathleen as rulers. A territory large enough to support a population was simultaneously laid claim to, with the future capital Dagandal located not far from the schorched ruins of Nyhavn, which enabled the workers to use some of the building materials that could be salvaged.

Kathleen was in Ulvhavn at the time, at Randvar's father's house, where their daughter Frithr was born only two days prior to the announcement. She stayed there for nearly a year, while Randvar oversaw the building of Dagandal. The Castle, Academy and Saghalla were the most prominent buildings in the plan, with the rest consisting mainly out of traditional Northman houses.


After a period of tensions between King Randvar and Queen Kathleen, she decided to in 371 IV express her vision of her new Jarldom 'Queensmark' along the coastline a couple of hours north of Dagandal. The Jarldom was to have a stronghold, operate an army of its own, have an independent court and trading agreements. The long-term plan was also to try and have it develop into a town. She stated that in no way would it under her supervision attempt to break free from Atalheim or compete with Dagandal for supremacy. King Randvar declined this with the motivation of that he had spent his whole life trying to unify the region into one nation, and he was not going to let it be split up from within. He offered Queen Kathleen the permission to build a stronghold if she wanted, but nothing beyond that. The queen declined and spent the following years more and more deeply involved with the Academy and it is said that she grew bitter as the years passed, which could explain the lack of further heirs to the Throne of Atalheim.

The Academy

Queen Kathleen gave the mage Atticus Tully permission to found a school of alchemy within the Academy in 372 IV. While Tully was already an instructor at the Academy in Dagandal, he had always prefered to create an institution solely devoted to the study and practice of alchemy. Tully also tried to get the King's and Queen's daughter Frithr interested in the arcane with little success. Frithr had always been bold and wild-hearted, traits that later came to decide the future of Atalheim.

Final years

King Randvar was killed in 391 IV during the War of the Northern Mark that was fought against a Hobgoblin invasion. The king, aged 61 at the time, was slain by a Hobgoblin war chieftain and his high shaman. Vurog the Atalthegn retaliated and single-handidly killed the pair, rescuing the king's body. Upon King Randvar's death, Kathleen passed on the throne to their daughter Frithr, aged 25 at the time. Queen Frithr was an able warrior and a natural leader.

Prince Arnvar, Kathleens grandson, was born in 404 IV. Arnvar had inherited her mother's blue eyes and fair hair, and his father's jawbone - even though queen mother Kathleen jokingly claimed that it was Randvar's jaw. Kathleen died out of old age and wear two years later in 406 IV at the age of 72, after living a life with a rough beginning and much violence.

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