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311 IV -

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The Shadowmage

Kegal ibn Shagal was born in Bardum into a family heavily devoted to the God of Death, Gesanis. They belonged to the White Faction, which at that time was the dominant section of the faith among the Kurashi. With his family belonging to the faithful, it was a natural step for Kegal to also devote himself to the Final Judge. However, his chosen path towards Gesanis was to become much darker than that of his family.

Kegal was merely 15 years of age, when his potential as an arcanist was notided by the mage Dogun ibn Gudak. He offered Kegal apprenticeship, in return for the promise to his father that the youngster would be cared for without any related costs. A deal was struck, much to young Kegal's joy.

Kegal spent over two decades as the mage's apprentice in a secluded valley a few days walk from Bardum. Most of his days were spent in study in order to understand the art well enough to unleash its powers. The distance to Bardum led to his family rarely visiting, resulting in Kegal being more and more influenced by his master, Dogun.

Even though Dogun was publicly known as the kind, old mage, he was a wholly different man behind the curtain. His students knew him as both demanding and cruel, harsh to his tone and eternally unforgiving. The few apprentices who had studied with him had all ended up missing demanding and cruel man behind the curtain, in public he would be the kind old mage, but to his students he was harsh and unforgiving.

Kegal quickly learned not to dissapoint his new master, not even in the slightest way. If dissapointed, Dogun would often volunteer Kegal for an experiment of his, which usually ended up badly for Kegal. Most of the heavy scartissue found on his body hail from these experiments, but not all. In a desperate attempt to protect himself, Kegal begun carving symbols into his own flesh - symbols he had read about in his studies. However, lacking the full knowledge to use them they had no effect, merely ending up as another set of scars.

Growing in Power

As the years passed by, Kegal began to see his father as a fool for worshipping the right deity, Gesanis, but doing it wrongly. He despised the manner in which his father served his faith, being a member of the Justifier Order. How could he spend his life with the mission of eradicating those who had been given the ultimate gift by Gesanis in eternal life - life in death? Immortality was, after all, the grandest goal a mortal man could achieve.

Growing older, stronger and more powerful, Kegal watched his master wither away due to old age. There were still secrets to learn though, and he stayed. However, one night in Randine 357 IV the old mage made a fatal mistake. He told his apprentice that he had taught him everything he knew. That night Dogun had his throat slit open, to the whispering prayer to the God of Death. The following morning Kegal calmly took his time as he prepared himself to leave, taking only what he absolutely needed with him. Looking back only once, conteplating whether to burn the house down or not, he finally strode off. He might come back some day to bring his former master back from death to be his servant.

Arrival to the Old Land

After wandering around for years, the roads brought him to the Old Land in 358 IV - a place of legend and where able men could reach their dreams and goals. He eventually found a group of allies that formed what later would become Eagle's Ruin. Expecting their allieance to last no more than a month, much to his surprise, they went from secretly meeting in a cave to nearly rulers of the northern Old Land within a few years.

Having used deception and intrique to position themselves as a major power in the Old Land, the Eagle's Ruin finally was dealt the killing blow by the betrayal of Cadman, commander of the Hillfolk host. Kegal was handed over to Sanctia, where he was thrown into the dungeons to await his trial. After being imprisoned nearly a year, he managed to escape. How is still shrouded in mystery. Kegal fled to the Heartland and took a new name, Baduk, under which he managed to operate without being recognised.

After finding his former companions who were still at large, they decided in 363 IV to free their leader, Josephine Babineux, who was still in prison and who was soon to be executed. The plan failed, and two of Kegal's most trusted allies fell - Montsho and Josephine. Little was known of Kegal's whereabouts after that, but the fear of him in the Old Land never died out, incase he chose to appear again.

The God-Lich

As the years went by, there was no sign of the survivinge members of the Eagle's Ruin in the Old Land. However, whispers arrived from Bardum that spoke of powerful individuals who were promoting a new faith, that of the God-Lich. Some of the old advesaries of the Eagle's Ruin launched an investigation, and it was soon suspected that Kegal was in fact in Bardum and heavily involved with the Church of the God-Lich. The rumour was finally confirmed by the Church of the God-Lich in 381 IV, not long after Kegal's 70th birthday. There was little use trying to keep his identity a secret any longer, and there was without doubt a hidden agenda behind the revealing as well - since as the decades passed, Kegal remained, becoming with the High-Priest Malotho the most important symbol of the faith that promises eternal life. Kegal can still be found in the Temple of the God-Lich in Bardum, always heavily hooded with an ornate staff in hand.

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