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The Northmen speak Nordska, an indigenous language that has influenced the tongue of the Three Isles, Islean, that today is used as the common tongue across Charun. A common feature of their language is the use of "kennings", that are a figure of speech used instead of an ordinary noun.

  • Anvil: Asjarn's Bed
  • Axe: blood-ember
  • Blood: slaughter-dew or battle-sweat (shedding much battle-sweat or slaughter-dew during firce combat)
  • Death: sleep of the sword, Hluta's kiss
  • Fire: bane of wood, Asjarn's breath
  • Honour: mind's worth, Eithblot's heart
  • Kill enemies: feed the eagle, feed the ravens
  • Raven: swan of blood (ravens eat the dead at battlefields)
  • Sea: whale's way
  • Shield: headland of swords
  • Ship: wave-steed, sea-steed
  • Storm: Hrithur's wrath
  • Sun: sky's jewel
  • Sword: blood-worm, icicle of blood, wound-hoe
  • War: weather of weapons, feeder of ravens
  • Wind: breaker of trees

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