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Approximately 4800 II -

Eternal Ruler of the Dead


Not much is known about Khalhakemmat, or "Eternal Ruler of the Dead" as his title translates from Ancient Necharami to the Common tongue. Not even his real name is found in the history books, where he is also known as the "Necromancer".

Legends claim that he was a high priest of Gesanis in service of the rulers of Necharam. It is further told that Khelhakemmat sought eternal life in death, and that he had risen to near divine power through secret, unholy means. Some claim that it was he who drew forth the dark side of Gesanis, giving birth to the Black Faction within the faith. It is also believed that Khalhakemmat was the first mortal to turn to lichdom, and that he researched forth the secrets of the process.

What is known for certain is that the Necromancer is responsible for for the fall of Necharam in 4856 II. Khalhakemmat began his treachery through unleashing all his might upon the city of Kel-Barak , which was the centre of the nation. All those that had died during the millennium that Necharam had existed rose to attack the realm. Led by the most evil, powerful and corrupted amongst the dead - mummified priests, called the Tomb Kings, the dead killed most of the living during one day.

Ever since then the land is inhabited by hundreds of thousands of dead, some mindless skeletons, others cunning liches and mummies. The Necromancer is still said to rule the realm, controlling the dead through his great powers with the mighty mummy Tomb Kings by his side.

No one is known to have returned from the Land of the Dead and only one fate is said to await the visitor – death in the service of the Necromancer. The city of Kel-Barak is still said to stand, thousands of years old, with its pyramids, ruined temples and with dead walking the streets.

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