From World of Charun

Khursk is a Demonlord that has adapted the form of a huge dark and shadowy dragon. He rules Shadowhold, the 512th layer of the Abyss and thus one of the deepest. The realm itself is darker than the soul of a doomed man, with no light ever penetrating its pitch-black atmosphere. Creatures, demons and entities of equal darkness roam there, preying on all who are unfortunate enough to end up within their reach. The stronghold of Khursk is located somewhere in this realm, guarded by demonic shadow dragons, summoned to protect and die for their master.

It is said that Khursk is unable to leave his realm, for his very soul is entwined with the shadows of his lands. His evilness and his chaotic and cruel mind is what has created the layer and if Khursk would perish, so would the realm, along with each being within, all sucked into a state of inexistence.

Some even claim that the entire realm is actually the physical form of Khursk and that his dragon shape is merely a minor manifestation of him. When entering Shadowhold, one would in that case actually be entering through the mouth of Khursk and further into him. This theory could explain the ever-present feel of the Demon Princes presence within Shadowhold…

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