Kornath Blactain

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5930 II -

Battering Ram of Craithan

Kornath Blactain
Kornath Blactain

Kortant Blactain was a paladin and one of General Craithan's closest men in the Royal Army of Narghal. Known for his zealotry, even among other paladins, Blactain never compromised when it came to his faith, virtues or orders. The knights of Narghal often lovingly joked that if Craithan ran out of men to send on a mission, it'd be enough to drop off Blactain and his huge warhammer, due he was a fearsome opponent - often standing with his legs wide apart, crushing everything around him on the battlefield. This led the knights calling him the "Battering ram of Craithan".

It is believed that when Ategenion Craithan was infected by vampirism by King Ardain Moloth, he made sure that Blactain would join him in the darkness. Historians and sages often debate the fact that Blactain was a paladin, and the conflict in that he was infected with vampirism. Some say that he couldn't have been truely blessed by Brunir, while others point at the flaws and weaknesses of mortal men, leading to all being vulnerable to corruption. Legends claim that upon the death of Paladin Blactain, an even more fearsome creature was born: An unholy knight that had replaced Brunir with a dark and vile power.

When the final, decisive battle of Narghal took place on the 16th of Gesanar 5976 II, Blactain stood guarding the gates of the city, with his hammer in hand, slaying all attempting to enter.

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