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Languages are important in many ways. They are a way of communication between player characters that adds to the atmosphere of the world, as well as a necessity at times to understand written lore, parlay with NPCs or understand what is being said by your captors.

If you are interested in reading about the languages in depth and their development through the Ages, visit the Languages page.

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Player characters begin the game with a varying number of languages, all depending on their culture and intelligence.

  • All characters get the Common language for free, along with a cultural language - given that such one exists and possible languages associated with their class.
  • A character may also choose secondary (extra) languages from a list at character creation if his Intelligence score permits it. This list varies depending on the origin of the character.

A player character can learn a number of languages equal to his Intelligence bonus +1. Automaticly given languages, such as Common , or a possible cultural language, are not counted to this number. Neither are languages gained through class, such as the arcane tongue for mages, animal for druids and so on. In other words, an elven druid with INT 14 (+2) would begin the game with Common, Elven and Animal, with a choice of picking up to three additional languages from the secondary list. Languages not picked at start are learned in game through RP and DM interaction. This can be a good option if one wishes to learn a specific language not listed as a secondary choice for the race/culture in question.

The table below details the number of Secondary (extra) languages a character can learn, besides those given to him at start.

INT 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22-23 24-25
Secondary Languages 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


The language system is made possible through the DMFI feature. A button in a toolbar launches a list from where you can choose which one of the languages known by your character will be used. The sentence is then typed and it will either appear as gibberish (to those unfamiliar with the tongue) or crystal clear (to those familiar with the tongue).

Learning Languages Later On

A character can learn any language later on in game, given that he has free language slots left. It is deemed that a character who is subjected to a language in one form or another can choose to start learning it. It can be from a fellow associate, or through dwelling in a certain region.

The time it takes to learn a tongue well enough to communicate fully with it depends on one's Intelligence. The basic period is one ingame year, which equals three real life months. The period doesn't have to be consecutive. One's INT modifier x 2 is either subjected or added to the one year ingame period in the form of months.

The table below details the period in ingame months, alternatively real life weeks, that it takes to learn a language based on one's intelligence.

INT 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22>
IG month/RL week 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 1

Worldly Languages

Common: Given to Everybody.
A language originating from the Three Isles, used to communicate between cultures across Charun.

Ancient Narghalan: Given to Clerics of Brunir and Paladins, 2nd choice for Sanctians.
Spoken by the men of Narghal during the Second Age. It is not used today, except in religious Brunite ceremonies.

Aduin'litun: Given to all arcane spellcasters and priests of Zurkan. 2nd choice for Mubuluki
Aduin'litun (aduin-li-tun) is elven and it means "Song of the Arcane Universe". It is the language used in arcane spellcasting, and the tongue that needs to be understod in order to identify the various forces and powers that are fetched from the Far Realms. The legend claims that the language actually originates from the Far Realms, and it was when the elves learned it that they could understand and master arcane spellcasting. Aduin'litun is also the language used by the clergy of Zurkan, God of Magic, in their ceremonies.

Animal: Given to all druids
A simple way of communicating with animals, mostly mammals, through bodylanguage, eye-contact and sounds.

Akilo: Given to Desert People, 2nd choice for Bulidorn, Mubuluki
The language of the Desert People.

A form of common used by aquatic races.

Arinthian: 2nd choice for Sunul
Spoken in Arinthia since the beginning of the Third Age.

Cant: Given to Rogues, 2nd choice for Smokey
A discreet way of communication between those not wanting attention.

Clandur: Given to Clandur, 2nd choice for Nurun, Northman, Eiothar and Giron.
The language of the Clandur.

Dazaki: Given to Dazak, 2nd choice for Niemathar, Halfling, Kurashi, Journeyman.
Also known as Mountain Speak, used by the Dazaki tribes. It orginiates from Necharami (Kurashami) and Narghalan (Southern Narghalan).

Dhuska: Given to Journeyman.
The secret language of the Journeymen.

Spoken by dragons, as well as the Morothi of Mogaroth.

Dwarf: Given to all dwarves
The traditional dwarven language, today spoken in three different dialects.

Elven: Given to all elves, 2nd choice for Halfling, Dazak
Spoken by the Eiothar, Niemathar and Uluthar.

Fieldish: Given to Halfling, 2nd choice for Dazak, Niemathar, Islander.
The old language of the halflings.

Giant: 2nd choice for Unor, Woodsman.
Spoken by ogres and giants alike.

Giron: Given to Giron, 2nd choice for Nurun, Northman, Eiothar and Clandur.
Spoken by the Giron since the Second Age.

Gnoll: 2nd choice for Dazak.
Spoken by the gnolls of the Foggy Peaks.

Gnome: Given to all Gnomes, 2nd choice for Desert People.
The complicated tongue of the Belatim and Bulidorn.

Goblin: 2nd choice for Hill Folk, Unor.
Spoken by all goblinoids, be they bugbears, hobgoblins or goblins.

Kamale: Given to Kamale.
The language spoken in the Kamale Region.

Kanjan: Given to Kanjite, 2nd choice for Tengar.
The ancient tongue of the Kanjite.

Kurashami: Given to Kurashi, 2nd choice for Dazak, Sand Snake, Umair, Journeyman, Islander.
A language bearing heredity to Old Necharami. Spoken by the Kurashi.

Mubuluki: Given to Mubuluki, 2nd choice for Desert People, Kamale, Bulidorn.
A language that has developed from the ancient Cadumbian tongue.

A nearly extinct language spoken by the few surviving Nar-Agi of today.

Necharami: Given to Chugir and Umair, 2nd choice for Sand Snake, Kurashi, Journeyman, Islander.
A language greatly resembling Old Necharami. It is used by both the Umair and Chugir.

Nordska: Given to Northman and Hrafnir, 2nd choice for Nurun, Clandur, Eiothar, Giron, Islander.
The language spoken by the Northmen and the Hrafnir.

Northern Narghalan: 2nd choice for Sanctian.
Spoken in Stormwood during the Third Age, not used today.

Orc: 2nd choice for Unor.
Spoken by all orcs, be they black orcs, wudorcs or orcs.

Reptilian: 2nd choice for Belatim.
Spoken by the lizardfolk and the kobold.

Sand Talk: Given to Sand Snake.
The language of the Sand Snake barbarians.

Southern Narghalan: 2nd choice for Sanctian.
Spoken in Elmwood during the Third Age, not used today.

Sunul: Given to all elves.
The form of elven spoken by the sunul elves.

Sunul Sign: Given to Sunul.
A sign language used by the Sunul to communicate without words.

Sylvan: 2nd choice for Niemathar.
The language used by sylvan creatures, such as fey.

Tengaran: Given to Tengar, 2nd choice for Kanjite.
The language used by the Tengar horsemen of Tengria.

Treant: 2nd choice for Niemathar.
The slow and complicated tongue of the treants.

Urgin: 2nd choice for Giron.
The harsh and simple tongue used by the half-men of Urgin.

Wood Talk: Given to Woodsman.
Spoken by the Woodsmen. It is a mixture between their tribal language resembling Ancient Narghalan, greatly influenced by Northern Narghalan.

Planar Languages

Used in the 666 layers of the Abyss.

Used in Arepio, the Unbound Sanctuary.

Used in Celuam, the Hallowed Haven.

Used in Demarum, the Expanse of Equilibrium.

Used in the 9 layers of Hell.

Inner Planar
Used by the inhabitants of the Inner Planes.

Used in Pronuro, the Discrepant Deep.

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Deep Dark Languages

Deep Talk
A form of common used in the Deep Dark.

Dhazzir: 2nd choice for Woodsman
Spoken by the Dhazzir.

Spoken by the Gnurlibum.

Spoken by the Kurlach.

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