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The Sanctian army consists out of two sections. The main force is the Larmenian Knight Order with the core of knights and commanders of the army. The other force consists out of non-knighted support troops.

The Larmenian Knight Order carries on the heritage of the ancient Narghali knighthood, with its values, virtues and organisation - very similar to the knight order of the fallen realm Stormwood. It was founded, as the nation itself, by Ruxellius de Larmenius.

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Knight's Oath

Upon being knighted into the order, one must swear an oath while kneeling before the Lord of the Order, who rests his sword upon one's right shoulder.

"I, (name of person) of the Larmenian Knight Order affirm that, to the Law of Brunir and Sanctia, I will be faithful and bear true respect and honour to the Lord of the Order, His Heirs and successors, and will be true to the Order of The Larmenian Knights, And I do hereby affirm my obedience to the constitution, Aims and Rules of the Order according to law.' In the sight of Brunir the Overlord."

Aims of the Order

  • Fraternity, Friendship, Spirituality, Charity and Chivalry.
  • To maintain the history of the Narghali Knights and preserve the Ancestral Heritage.
  • To encourage the noble ideals of Chivalry and to promote ' Nobility through deeds of Charity & Honour'.
  • To support the poor, the sick, the unjustly accused, to stand against oppression and to protect good from evil.

Rules of the Order

1. Never bring the Order into disrepute.

2. Obey the Law of Sanctia.

3. Follow the teachings of Brunir.

4. Be Honourable at all times.

5. Protect Sanctia, its people and the institutions of faith devoted to Brunir and his son Giardain.


Knight Order - Hierarchy

The commander of the Sanctian army, also known as the Lord Commaner.
Current: Aubert Beauchamp

Acts as both deputy and advisor to the Lord of the Order. The Seneschal is in charge of law-enforcement in the nation. He is also the head of the juridical system.
Current: Renaud Chartres

Acts as lieutenants to higher authorities within the order and commands a force of ten knights, known as a Guard of Knights.
Number in the army: 170

A priest of Brunir accompanying a guard of knights into battle.
Number in the army: 90

These are the warriors that wear the knight's armour and that are knighted by the Lord of the Order.
Number in the army: 1700

The Trucoplier is an experienced knight with the purpose to command the a force of 25 sergeant brothers in battle. The Turcopolier leads the march along with a Guard of Knights.
Number in the army: 24

Not Knighted Forces - Hierarchy

The Under marshal is in charge of the Turcopoles and the equipment. He is not knighted.
Current: Fabron Perigord

The Standard Bearer is one of the sergeant brothers and charged with carrying the order's banner. It is a great honour and responsibility
Number in the army: 1

These warriors are not yet knighted support troops. They are often youngsters eager to prove themselves worthy of knighthood.
Number in the army: 1000

These are the local troops who fight along side the Knights. Similar to the sergeant brothers, with the difference of that they do not pursue knighthood. The turcopoles include rangers and other similar troops.
Number in the army: 1500


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