Lord's Hill

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The King's Road and Queen's Road cross eachother near Lord's Hill. The ruins of an old Brunite Temple, the Shrine of the Overlord, is located here and the site is thus regurarly visited by pilgrims - especially Sanctian ones.


The site today known as Lord's Hill has seen a lot of turmoil and changes during the passage of time. Occassional farms dotted the landscape in the Third Age when it lay within the borders of Elmwood. Baron Stern, a lackey in service of the Garagorian Warlord Abbadon, rose to power in Elmwood through heavy plotting mere years before the Cataclysm, and proceeded with dissolving the nation in 910 III. He decided to keep Elmwood Keep under his control, turning it and the immediate surroundings into his own barony. Elmwood Keep was renamed to Castle Stern.The rest of Elmwood became a no-mans-land

Many of the former citizens frowned upon the baron and his plans, and decided to found a society of their own. The site for what would become the small village of Brunir's Cross was built nearby Lord's Hill. The brunite bishop of Elmwood, Sloane Soothian, was among the settlers of Brunir's Cross and he also founded the temple upon the hill, overlooking the village. The temple didn't stand for more than a year before the Cataclysm tore it down along with the village of Brunir's Cross in 913 II. Bishop Soothian was later found dead under the temple's fallen walls. He was buried only days after by survivors in the temple ruins.

As the world regained its strength, a group of pious brunites gathered funds and, in 252 IV, built a shrine upon the old ruins of the temple that got destroyed in the Cataclysm. They restored Bishop Soothian's grave and as much of the original features as possible. Hartman Brandeis, a Thilian priest and the founder of the Old Lands Company, proceeded with establishing a temple of Thilias beneath the shrine in 368 IV, mimicking the Mountain of Glory upon which Brunir sits, and the forge of his brother Thilias within it.

The Shrine of the Overlord, along with the Thilian temple, were sacked in 399 IV by a raiding Urman party that killed the priests and knights present, stealing whatever artifacts they could get their hands on. Atalheim then as now show little interest in manning the temples, and Sanctia deem it too far away to do so. Thus they have remained unoccupied and unmaintained ever since.

All that remain of the Shrine of the Overlord today are ruined walls, a chipped altar and a defiled statue of Brunir. Nevertheless the site is frequently visited by Brunite pilgrims. The temple of Thilias, on the other hand, is said to be dark and dangerous.

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