Lord Raze

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879 - 913 III

(Character played by Shadews during the NWN1 installement of WoC)

Lord Raze
Lord Raze

High Punisher

For long Lord Raze was known as Jin Tagowa, a mercenary from Nar-Ago who was known as a troublemaker with a short fuse and a vocabulary that would make most ruffians of Smoke Isle blush. He had a schism with Ruxellius de Larmenius for years, and the two faced eachother in duels more than once. It was in one of these duels between the opposers in 910 III that Tagowa finally fell - apparently killed outright, but actually still breathing which Larmenius and the other observers failed to detect. Larmenius wanted to give his advesary a proper burial, which as rejected by Tagowa's comrades. They said that Tagowa had chosen to be left where he died.

If it had not been for a priest of Garagor, who watched the fight while hidden, Tagowa would have died from his wounds - due he lay unconscious with a mortal cut across his abdomen. When the others had left the scene, the priest appeared and healed Tagowa just enough to bring him back from the brink of death - after which he was given an offer: Return to the state you were in and die within minutes, or embrace the Lord Who Watches, due he shall grant you revenge on the paladin and everyone else who deserve it. Tagowa was not late to choose life and revenge under the wings of Garagor.

During the year that followed Jin Tagowa ceased to exist and Lord Raze was born into the ranks of the Order of the Tainted Sword - the military order of the Garagorian faith. Already an able warrior, Raze quickly climbed the ranks of his order, finally becoming the High Punisher of the newly conquered Kingdom of Kurash in 913 III, answering directly to Abbadon the Destroyer.

He partook actively in the Second Dark Crusade of Abbadon, leading a large force of Punishers to victory until they were halted north of Green Glade. Thousands of elves, joined by two silver dragons and heroes of all races, charged the dark host at midday in a battle known as the Niematharin Stand. Lord Raze died in this battle, along with the rest of Abbadon's host, which in the end launched the Cataclysm and ended the Third Age.

Lord Raze was brought back to the Mortal World in 362 IV as a death knight by Khirlak.

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