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872 III - 25 IV

(Character played by bhdrake during the NWN1 installement of WoC)



Founder of Urwood

Something as rare (or unique according to the majority of sages) Lumpy Tichkeck was a visionary Urman, most famous for transforming Urwood from a violent horde of raiders into a developing and "organized" nation. Despite being a self-taught warrior, he grew to be regarded as one of the greatest fighters of the Third Age and was particularily renowned for his mastery of the Great Flail.

As an Urman born within Urwood near the end of the Third Age (he definitavely placed his own birthdate at 872 III), Lumpy was for most of his life subject to depridation due to muscle atrophy in his left arm. Among Urmen, he was the target of mistreatment and insults, and was hardly more than a slave to his own father. he was forced to fight for their amusement and in their defense against frequent incursions into their forest realm. It was here that the Urmen gave him his first flail. this itself was intended as an insult as it required two hands to wield, but Lumpy (or Tichkeck which was his Urman name, Lumpy was given to him by his human friends) was well-known for his stubborn perserverence, and devoted himself to overcoming their insult. After a couple of years of constant practice, he had worked up the strength of his left arm to nearly the level of his right.

Leaving Urwood

At somewhere around fifteen years of age, Lumpy escaped from Urwood, taking his flail and fleeing to Elmwood. This was unheard of, and few Urmen had walked the streets of Elmwood without being killed outright. Perhaps it was the general atmosphere that reigned at the time, with adventurers of all walks of life gathering in Elmwood Keep, in combination with the sheer surprise of his appearence, that slowly led to him being accepted. There he signed on with the local mercenary guild in hopes of further developing himself as a warrior. He spent over a decade working as a sellsword exclusively, developing a reputation for being a little too violent and short-tempered for anything but the most heavy-handed of jobs. It wasn't until 898 III that he tired of living from scarce job to job and broke into the ranks of the adventurers that frequented Elmwood Keep.

As an adventurer, Lumpy earned much greater noteriety than he ever had as a mercenary. While his taciturn nature and brutal tactics had only limited his outlook as a sellsword, they now opened up new opportunities. He adventured widely over the next ten years, developing his own unique combat form and style as he went. During this time, he fought in the War of Elmwood, travelled across the planes, and is even said to have matched up against the Ancient Demon of Thunder Hall and Mogarothi Dragonlords. He also successfully opened and managed his own mercantile operation, and combined with his adventuring income and occasional mercenary work managed to amass a considerable fortune.

The vision takes form

He put his wealth to use in 908 III, acquiring a parcel of land near Urwood and constructing a fortress there. This tower served as the basis for his vision; to claim Urwood and change it from the wild forest he remembered into something greater, something lasting. Some claim he accurately predicted Elmwood's fall two years later and that the tower was built specifically for that eventuality. Whatever the case, when the great nation was dissolved, he stood ready to make his claim upon Urwood.

Lumpy began waging a personal war against Urwood's chieftains and over the next few years, he managed to hunt down and kill every warchief in the forest. Taking advantage of the events of the Cataclysm on Urman insecurities, he set himself up as the King of Urwood. He conducted massive and brutal purges to cull aggressive Urmen from the population and gradually began implementing policies that would steer the rest from lives of raiding and violence. A tribal government was established, one Urmen could relate to, and fierce nationalism was promoted. By the end of his twenty year reign, Lumpy's questionable methods had yielded real results. He abdicated the throne in 17 IV, intent on seeing if the Urmen would be able to maintain their nation without his guiding hand.

Life after the Throne

Afterwards, he attempted to resume work as a mercenary, as fighting was what he had long been best at. His reputation earned him several prominent contracts, but his extreme age and failing eyesight quickly put an end to his career. In 20 IV, he returned to Urwood to live out the end of his days.

There, he was given a respected position and allowed to live in his tower (the capital had since been moved to Stonetower). Lumpy spent the last few years of his life perfecting his combat form. He died in 25 IV at the age of 65. His body now lies entombed in Stonetower, along with his flail and armor.

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