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While demons, wizards and priests exist in Charun, it is a low-magic world. The vast majority of the population live their lives without being directly exposed to magic or the supernatural. The average person living in a small village, working their shop or field has likely never seen a true wizard or seen a spell cast or held a magical item.


Magic Items vs Mundane Items

Items with various properties, by default called magical properties, fall into two categories in Charun.

  • Magic Items: Items with magical properties created through arcane, divine or otherwise supernatural means.
  • Mundane Items: Items with non-magical properties, created through skilled craftmanship and natural components.

Magic and mundane items can have similar properties, and sometimes even identical ones, but their availability and method of creation differ greatly.

Magic Items
A Chalice of Giardain, enchanted through divine means to illuminate its surroundings
A Chalice of Giardain, enchanted through divine means to illuminate its surroundings

Crafted by spellcasters, these enchanted items are supernatural, bearing properties often not achievable through natural means. Magic items are rare and expensive - especially the powerful ones. Many are prepared to kill and even die in the process of laying their hands on one. Few magic items of power are crafted in the Fourth Age, simply because the knowledge of how to has been lost. The vast majority hail from the earlier Ages and are found either in the hands of today's rich and powerful or in rarely visited, dark and dangrous places.

Some mages and clergies, especially in larger settlements, are known to massproduce cheap trinkets imbued with minor powers. The profit is considerable and the demand high.

Player Characters can attempt to create magical items if they are high enough in level, or come across specific, rare items which can be used in the process. Creating items requires high enough ranks in relevant skills, as well as one or several of the item creation feats: Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Wand.

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Mundane Items
A steel blade deals out more damage than one made out of bronze or iron
A steel blade deals out more damage than one made out of bronze or iron

Mundane items have useful properties achieved through skilled craftmanship and natural resources. No magic is needed to manufacture them, nor is there anything magical whatsoever about them.

  • Weapons and Armour: Bonuses found on weapons and armour are usually the result of material and/or craftmanship - not magic, unless stated so in the description. More about: Armour and Weapons
  • Potions: The majority of potions and their properties are achieved through non-magical means. The components, be they herbs, plants, minerals or something else, are often prepared according to ancient recipies. Many potions are stimulants that affect the nervous-system increasing awakeness, stamina or other aspects of the body and mind.
  • Fabrics: The correct fabrics and materials used in clothing can result in beneficial (as well as harmful) properties. Boots with a soft leather sole can increase your chances of moving silently, while a black cloak of non-reflecting material can make it easier to dissapear into the shadows.
  • Jewelry: Certain gems and metals have natural properties often used in jewelry. Gold is known to fascinate, and wearing golden jewelry often increases one's diplomatic skills. Clever combinations of distracting gems in an amulet dangling from one's neck can increase the chances of succeeding with a bluff, while the a lense made out of an iolite gem is known to give a more detailed, sharped view of the surroundings when looked through.

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Some rare and unique items are refered to as artifacts. Usually hailing from earlier Ages, or in some cases of outer-wordly origin, they are often imbued with great powers. However, some artifacts are more or less mundane, only having a high status within a certain culture, or faith, due to past events surrounding the item.

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