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Makaloth is the ruler of the 167th layer of the Abyss, a realm that is known as the Plains of Agony. It is a horrid place where the very air is filled with choking smoke of blood and scorching flames sprout out from cracks in the ground. Dismembered drones roam the realm aimlessly, awaiting orders from their master. Mortals that have been unfortunate enough, or perhaps vile enough in life, to have been sent here exist either in the form of drones, or in shapeless entities filling the air with screams of desperation and pain.

Makaloth, the Prince of the Plains of Agony, sits on his throne that is located on a high cliff in the centre of his realm. From there he gazes through the smog of blood, keeping a close watch on his thralls. The Demon Prince does not need an army to fight for him, for there are few beings, be they demons or mortals, that can match his prowess in battle. The foes Makaloth has slain in battle, and turned into dismembered drones, are countless.

Makaloth´s doubleaxe, Amemberan, is forged out of the dark metal that can be found in his realm. It´s blades are constantly covered with fresh blood, as if it was bleeding itself.

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