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PC created and played by Jonsi - now of NPC status

The Immortal Lord


There are many rumours surrounding Malotho, the high-priest of the God-Lich's church. Some claim that he is infact Montsho, a dangerous Gesanite priest who was a member of the Eagle's Ruin, and who was wanted for several murders and other vile deeds in the Old Land in the 360s. Monstho was however slain in 363 IV during an attempt to free his associate Josephine Babineux who faced execution.

Malotho appeared in Bardum in 364 IV with a following of faithfuls and established the Church of the God-Lich. The first temple was built in the same year, located deep within the slums known as the Waste. With the inhabitants of the Waste leading short, poor lives of low quality and danger, the prospects of living forever was enough to have the temple quickly gain popularity. A grand temple was constructed a few years later, which increased the faiths' popularity even more, gaining followers among both the middle- and upper-class.

The secretive and mysterious high-priest has been ever-present since, which would make him centuries old. Certain voices (mainly from competing faiths) claim that it's nothing but a clever marketing trick to further the faith's promises of eternal life, and that "Malotho" is infact a title that is passed on - not a person that has been "blessed with immortality". The accusation hasn't been proved though, and all the hundreds and hundreds people who have participated in a religious ceremony conducted by Malotho would swear on that the skull beneath his hood is strangely alive.

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