Mercenaries' Guild of Larmenius

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The MercenariesĀ“ Guild of Larmenius offer their services as mercenaries, bodyguards, caravan guards and bounty hunters to those that are willing to pay the price. They attract a mixed selection of members, but what they all have in common is that they all have combat training and are capable of standing up for themselves - be it in a fistfight or a battle with brigands.

The current guild master, Alonso Dupre, takes great pride in his guild and has to this date never failed to complete an assignment. He has been known for strapping on his armor and taking care of business in person, if one of the members has failed to finish something they started.

Guild Master Dupre accepts all individuals to his guild, as long as they know how to fight. Their morale or ethic values are of no interest to him. But, if a guild member is breaking the law when on a guild assignment, he or she will be kicked out from the guild, fast and without explanations.

Breaking the law and getting caught for doing so that is...


Birth: 3 IV
Founder: Burduk Scarbelly
Members: 50+
Purpose: Muscle for hire
Motto: We kill to protect Leader: Guild Master Alonso Dupre
Head Quarters: Larmenius
Area of Operation: All across the Old Land and Heartland, as long as the pay is sufficient.
Symbol: An arrowhead. The members carry small arrowheads in either copper, bronze or silver, depending on their ranking.


The Mercenaries' Guild of Larmenius was founded by Burduk Scarbelly in the third year of the Fourth Age. Burduk was the great grandson of Burum Scarbelly - a legendary Kurashi warrior who founded the mercenaries' guild in Elmwood in 787 III. The guild stayed in the Scarbelly family and Burduk overtook it five years prior to the Cataclysm and the destruction of Elmwood Keep.

In the aftermath of the Cataclysm, Burduk sought refuge in the settlement that was to become Larmenius. Being a capable warrior in dire times, he was more than once approached by people wanting to hire his services. The demand grew to such proportions that he began acting as the middle-man, forwarding tasks to fellow warriors, finally forming a guild similar to the one he operated in Elmwood. He even introduced the same ranking system with copper, bronze and silver arrowheads within the guild.

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