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This section details the history of the world, with timelines, wars, racial migrations etc.



The inhabitants of Charun have been forced to migrate throughout the Ages due to many factors such as wars, inadequate food supply, changing climate and landscape. Some have done so through planned expansions, often leading to conflicts where the defeated group has been forced to leave their territory. The pages below detail how various races have migrated across Charun and how various cultures and realms have evolved.

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Ages of Charun

The history of Charun is divided into five periods known as Ages. They are all detailed below, starting with the Age of the Ancients and ending with the current one, the Fourth Age - Age of Heroes. More information about each Age is found in the "More About" links, as are timelines.

Before the Ages - Age of the Ancients


Time Period: Unknown

In the beginning in a void of nothingness dwelled the Ancient Ones. Neither the Gods nor the world had been born. It was out of the Ancient Ones that the entities today known as the Old Gods emerged and created the world in the form of a burning globe. They developed the world, breathing air and weeping water into it. Mountains rose from the ground, forests spread across the lands and oceans were formed. In the very end the first forms of life were created, thus giving birth to the First Age - The Dark Age.

First Age - The Dark Age

Shefragazum the Greater Sauroid
Shefragazum the Greater Sauroid

Time Period: Estimated 100 000 years

Little is known about the First Age because no records or writings from then have survived, which is how it gets its name. It is believed though that it lasted perhaps as long as 100,000 years, during which the race of Urmen evolved along with a variety of intelligent reptiles, known as Sauroids. The undisputed lords of the First Age were the Greater Sauroids, immense creatures in terms of cunning and might that had divided Charun into three large realms under their rule.

The Greater Sauroids are believed to be amongst the oldest of creatures in Charun, along with a number of other beings, such as the Frost Giants and Spawns of Randar, to name a few. Their origin is still a complete mystery, only explainable through mythology.

Reptiles of varying form were probably the first true inhabitants to populate the continent. They evolved in various directions, with some retaining a predatory/herd-animal mentality, while others developed an intelligence during the passing milennia.

Reptiles were followed by mammals, out of which the Urmen are believed to have evolved. It is also speculated how Humans evolved, and most scholars tend to agree that they arrived to the Cadumbu region from the Eastern Lands sometimes during the First Age. Their small population in combination with their primitive lifestyle probably forced them to keep a low profile, avoiding conflicts and hiding from the more powerful Urmen and Sauroids, leading to no actual evidence of their existence, besides in theory.

The first wave of Mórail, along with their half-man servants, is believed to have arrived sometime during the First Age, soon finding themselves at the mercy of the vast Urman population and that of the cunning Sauroids. Urman mythology details events that can with some certainty be identified as such. The Mórail were finally driven underground, where they evolved into the Dhazzir and their servants into the Cavers.

It was probably then that the Greater Sauroids began manipulating the large Urman population in their favour, because the Sauroid population was small in comparison and dependant on powerful core troops in case a larger invasion was at hand. It was Gorathgrum, ruler of the regions today known as the Old Land and Heartland, that bore the greatest success in manipulating the Urmen. It is suspected that he bred forth a race of half-reptilians that began by teaching the Urmen the basics of technology, such as how to make fire and craft tools. When their trust and respect had been gained, Gorathgrum was introduced as a god - and the Saurians as his divine servants.

Second Age - Age of Splendour

Last King of Narghal, Ardain Moloth
Last King of Narghal, Ardain Moloth

Time Period: 6014 years

The Second Age saw mortals develop culturally. They founded amazing kingdoms and rose to power unchallenged ever since. The period saw the most skilled smiths and artisans, as well as the most gifted warriors and mages that have walked the lands of Charun. However, it was revealed that the mortal heart holds a darker side as well. Bitter wars tore the world apart, out of which some raged for centuries. Meanwhile the first realms of Man faced destruction at its own hands.

In the end of the Age it was the race of humans that had grown in power and numbers, becoming the prominent race through both violence and ambition. The Mórail had retreated to distant locations and the Urmen were driven from their lands. Thus ended the Age of Splendour, giving birth to the Age of Men.

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Third Age - The Age of Men

Mubuluk During the 3rd Age, Human Cities reached Majestic Proportions.
Mubuluk During the 3rd Age, Human Cities reached Majestic Proportions.

Time Period: 913 years

The Age of Men bore several similarities to the race it is named after. It lasted merely nine centuries, a short lifespan mirroring that of mankind, filled with the ambition, desire and short-term planning that are found with humans. The Third Age saw a greater number of nations rise and fall, as well as more wars than in the Second Age, even though the latter lasted nearly seven times longer.

Easily allured and blinded by greed, humans finally invited their own end, as they had done many times before. The ancient law upheld by the Gods themselves was broken due to temporary rewards offered to man, resulting in the Cataclysm that destroyed much of the marvel accomplished during the Third Age. Thus ended the Age of Men, with the violence and despair it had been given birth to and that it had lived by.

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Fourth Age - The Age of Heroes

The Kingdoms of Old are shattered.
The Kingdoms of Old are shattered.

Time Period: Ongoing

The first centuries saw the world weakened in the aftermath of the Cataclysm. Individual power and skill was valued more than ever and one sword was capable of accomplishing what armies were needed for earlier. Lone heroes founded realms and were able to bring destruction to such, since there were no huge armies to stand in their way. Every small group that had clustered together in an attempt to survive needed champions of great skill to help them face the dangers surrounding them.

The world has slowly healed and repaired itself today, and human nations have once again reached power and populations seen in the Third Age. Everything is not the same as in the Third Age, though. With the destruction brought by the Cataclysm, many things besides realms and lives were lost. Iron ore mines are rare and craftsmen possessing the knowledge of properly turning iron into steel are even rarer. This has resulted in bronze becoming a common material used in armour, tools, and weapons. Steel is valuable and some consider it priceless, worth even more than gold. The lore of enchanting items has been lost into the past with most artefacts being clever forgeries or rare items hailing from the earlier Ages. Few priests of true faith and devotion exist and many are in the service of New Powers that are gaining attention as deities across the world.

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Wars and Battles

There has been countless skirmishes and battles, as well as a great number of wars raging throughout Charun. This section deals with the most noteworthy and important ones.

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