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Moon Glade is the realm of the Eiotharin, also known as "Grey Elves" by mankind. It is located on the shores facing the Sea of Ice. Dividing Moon Glade from the rest of the Northlands is the mountain range called Alrinil by the Eiotharin and the "Northern Wall" by others. There is only one passage through the mountains, the only way into Moon Glade, since scaling the Northern Wall is impossible, leading only to a frozen death.

Moon Glade is a perpetually dark and frozen wasteland that embodies everything the polar regions are known for. The air is so frigid that exposed skin freezes almost instantaneously, and there isn't any plant life beyond the mountain range. The animals that roam the region are large creatures covered in dense furs with excellent night vision. Most are found close to the coastline where they feed off beached whales and walrus-like creatures.

At certain locations the air becomes slightly warmer, with underground hot springs warming the land. Above the eight larger hot springs are the villages of the Eiotharin. Other smaller ‘hot spots’ can be found and are used by animals as refuge from the cold.

The Eiothar settlements are large sprawling buildings that can be a few stories high. They can be shaped oddly and so covered with ice that they look like small mountains rising out of the snow drifts.

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Each village has a garden area where food is grown, which is the main way of providing for the inhabitants. The location of Moon Glade and its seclusion makes trade with other cultures impossible, but the trade between Eiotharin settlements is abundant. Not only are goods and produce taken between settlements, but also songs, music and bards flow between the eight villages like water.

Occasionally Eiothar merchants can be spotted in the Three Isles. However, their goods are usually expensive to make the sales worth the long and dangerous journey.

The Eiotharin operate a handful of small silver mines in the Northern Wall mountains. The silver is mainly used for plates, cups, jewellery and such.


The Eiotharin have little need for armed forces because their homeland is hard to navigate. Even the Witchqueen’s forces from Ismark rarely pass over their border. Therefore Eiotharin military forces are small compared to the other elven races. They tend to use guerrilla war tactics, but only after all other diplomatic options have been exhausted.

Individuals cannot be recruited into the Eiotharin army. To join the guard, groups of four to six are auditioned together. The group, called a unit, is judged upon natural skill and their ability to work as a team. It is not unusual for units to train together for over fifty years before being welcomed as part of the Grey Elf army. Most groups consist of a skilled fighter, battle mages, and archers. The only elves that are trained individually are the Nightstalkers. Elves are chosen for this path in life from a very early age and are expected to apprentice for hundreds of years before they are considered worthy of the title. Skilled with blade and bow these elves also have the ability to pass by unseen.


Eiothar worship all the gods of the elven patheon with the exception of the nameless one. Worship of The Devil will lead to expulsion from the Glade. The two major gods of the Moon Glade are Ethalias Thunitar who is considered the father of all elves and Kisiania, the goddess of song and knowledge.

Shrines of Ethalias Thunitar can be found in the garden areas of each town. The Alotha family are their keepers and they offer daily sacrifices of produce to their creator. The shrines are open for all Eiotharin to visit and a common custom is to regullary offer a prayer for the food taken from the garden.

Even though Ethalias Thunitar is an important part of everyday life in Moon Glade, it is Kisiania who is the most popular deity amongst the Eiotharin. It is a common belief that every song sung, no matter the purpose or subject, is a prayer to Kisiania.


After the War of the Firstborn in the Second Age, the elves gave the northern lands to the dwarves. The Eiotharin are the decendants of a elven group that refused to leave their northern homeland as part of the agreement. They fled north, eventually settling in the Moon Glade.

Eight communal homes were built over areas where underground hot springs warmed the land. Soon they expanded and now serve as the eight settlements of the Moon Glade.

Because of their location they are uninvolved in much of the Charun’s politics, but they did send out forces to aid the elves in the War of the Races in the Third Age.


Population: 20.000

Settlements and population: Eight towns that lay scattered across Moon Glade


Government form: Magocracy, a council of mages called the Hailers rule each town. One is elected to serve as the representative of the town.

Current Ruler: Hailers

Demographics: Eiotharin 100%

Heraldic Colours: Grey, White, Black and Blue

Natural Resources: Various plants grown in hot spring gardens, fur, silver

Manufactured Goods: Magic items, musical instruments, leatherwork, jewellery

Wealth: Average

Allies: Sun Glade, Green Glade

Enemies: Ismark

Religion: Elven Pantheon

Illegal Deities: The Nameless One

Climate: Arctic

Terrain: Arctic, hot springs

Major Geographical Features

The Northern Wall

A dangerous mountain range that separates Moon Glade from the rest of the Northlands. These mountains are called Alrinil by Eiotharin.


The largest Eiotharin settlement.

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