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739 III -

The Master Archer

Nathilas is the captain of scouts in Green Glade, as well as a respected member of the Niematharin council. His skill with the bow and arrow are legendary, and few have ever been able to match him when it comes to archery. He has mastered the mythical art of arcane archery found among the wood elves, and he is today responsible for tutoring other, young Niematharin in the ways of arcane bowmanship.

Nathilas left Green Glade upon reaching adulthood, seeking the human settlements out of curiosity for the race that was despised by many of his own kin. Seeing the magnitude of evil outside of Green Glade compelled him to join his newly found human friends on several adventures that took place during the last decade of the Third Age.

When Abbadon revealed himself and his plans to conquer Charun, Nathilas retreated back to Green Glade to participate in the defense of his home. He partook in the final battle known as the Niematharin Stand, which eventually launched the Cataclysm and ended the Third Age.

(Character played by Belly of the Beast during the NWN1 installement of WoC)

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