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344 - 466 IV

PC played by Anno-Domini



The Puppetmaster

Traitor, murderer, kidnapper, spy, liar, thief - many have been the labels given to the Eiothar who roamed the Old Land during the years 362 and 363 IV - but the most famous one is "Puppetmaster" given to her by Randvar Leikrson. The Mórail, who in reality went by the name Nithila, was young when she arrived to the region in 362 IV. Described then as a cheerful and optimistic persona that always saw the good in people is how others described her as back then, but clearly something in her changed.

Darkness Compasses

In 362 IV, just after Nithila among others is claimed to have aided Tyren Darkstar in the defence of Teardrop against a mighty force of Roarers, which eventually led to the closing of Hibbin's Elevator, smoke was seen rising from far off to the east. She followed a group to Romil's Tower (wehre the smoke rose from) led by Tyren Darkstar and Randvar Leikrson to investigate. Nobody knows exactly what horrors they faced within the tower, but one thing is sure, the Eiothar started sliding away from her old ways shortly thereafter.

Price of Power

Nithila's rise to power and fame came like lightning from clear skies. Few knew whether it was her newly developed taste for the finer things in life, or her frequent dealings with lords and kings alike that drove her to do the horrible acts she later was accused for.

The storm began with her being accused of dealings with the Eagle's Ruin, a claim that she in the beginning quickly denied, and later proved to be true through her own actions. It was in the month of Zurkah 362 IV that she lured a group led by Randvar Leikrson into an ambush set by the Eagle's Ruin. The trap resulted in the capture of Randvar's spouse, Lady Kathleen, which eventually spawned the chain of events that led to the final Battle of Shadowhold. Nithila was shortly after her betrayal seen in public company of the comtesse of Shadowhold, Josephine Babineux, during negotiations regarding the ongoing conflict. She had clearly chosen sides and there was no use hiding it anymore.

As the heroes of the Old Land later launched an attack on Shadowhold, Nithila stood as one of the defenders within the walls of the keep. The Eagle's Ruin had been betrayed by Cadman, who led the Hillfolk, which led to them losing the battle. Josephine Babineux, Kegal the mage and Vashan the Drak were captured, but there was no sign of Nithila or the other remaining members of Eagle's Ruin.


Nithila returned to the Old Land roughly a month later and seemed to have reverted back to her former peaceful persona, but things never went back to normal. With the dark priest Montsho also having escaped the siege of Shadowhold, Cadman was now in grave danger due to his betrayal of the organisation. Nithila decided to aid him, but things weren't easy for her, due both Sanctia and Nyhavn had placed prices on her head.

On the 1st of Gesanar 363 IV Nithila managed to find sanctuary within Teardrop and the newly re-founded nation of Elmwood, when she was given the position of Minister of Knowledge. Rumors say that the seat was bought by her from Tyren Darkstar as she funded the town with around 200 000 silver pieces, but nothing was ever confirmed. Nithila was seen leaving Teardrop heading north shortly thereafter in Randine 363 IV and dissapeared as quickly as she had come.

Change of Scene

Some rumours claimed that she had returned home to Moon Glade, feeling that she was done with the Old Land, while others say that the Eiothar was captured by the Dhazzir and met a terrifying death. If Tyren Darkstar made any attempts to contact or find his minister is unclear, but some argue that the timing of her dissappearence was very convinient, considering the dire situation she found herself in as a wanted person.

Nithila's name was ever after mentioned (even though often in a bad context) by many great leaders of the Old Land including Cadman, Randvar, Tyren, Hartman and even the nation of Sanctia. She was labeled as treacherous and deceitful, but also as a mastermind since it is believed that the Eagle's Ruin quickly grew into being a real threat shortly after Nithila began associating with them.

Her whereabouts where finally revealed a decade later. She had infact been an important part behind the strategy of establishing the faith of the God-Lich in Bardum. She was the mastermind behind the famous parades helped the faith's rapid growth.

Nation of Borderwood

In early 370s Nithila began working towards a vision of hers, a nation inbedded in the great forest of Borderwood that would offer a neutral enviroment for all, be they pirates, Dazak, Sanctians or Northmen...or even Urmen. She got as far as to creating the "Code of Borderwood", which was a form of a constitution regulating the rights and expectations of the nation's visitors and inhabitants.

She began gathering finances in 374 IV, and rumours claim that she contacted various powerful persons and organisations with moderate success. It is also believed that several founding members of the God-Lich's temple in Bardum (former Eagle's Ruin members) were involved in the project.

Final Years

Nithila had to abandon her vision of Borderwood in 378 IV, after spending four years with trying to deal with the Dazak, Urmen and others in the region that raid for a living. Neither her famous diplomatic skills, or the formidable power of her associates could create the sanctuary required to establish something even remotely comparable to a nation in the region. Deep in debt to various funders, and with enemies surrounding her chosen spot, she left and vanished.

She was never heard from again, but some claim that they had heard rumours of her death in Moon Glade in the year 466 IV.

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