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Giron Barbarian
Giron Barbarian

One could wonder why someone freely chooses to live in the harsh enviroment of the Northlands. Yet there has been humans living under primitive conditions for a long time. How long can not be said, due no written records exist that deal with the matter. The Northmen are believed to be the indigenous population of the region, with the Giron wandering up across the Snowy Peaks. The Clandur on the other hand are with almost all certainty identified as invaders arriving from elsewhere.

Genetic Modifiers

+1 Strength / -1 Dexterity
Northerners are a naturally tall and strong race. They are used to wearing armour combined with heavy clothing and furs to protect them from the freezing temperature. Thus the typical Northern fighting style resolves around hoping to outlast one's opponent, striking heavier blows and trusting to sheer strength to defeat him, rather than dodging his attacks.

Northman Descendants

The Clandur are a barbarian tribe that are found in Clandurmark, an inland region in the Northlands. They are known as aggressive raiders, which is one of their main ways of providing for themselves, besides hunting.
The Hrafnir are not a playable culture.

Gironia is a harsh region, with freezing winds and towering mountains, forested with dark, dusky trees that give the land a menacing look. The warlike savages living here are grim survivors in a realm that kills softer men. Sages claim that the Giron are actually the very group of men from which the Narghali originate.

Survival is hard in the North and the Hrafnir can often be seen sailing southward to plunder and pillage in order to provide for their families and gaining wealth.
The Hrafnir are not a playable culture.

The Northlands are a harsh and inhospitable region due to the everlasting winter and freezing temperatures. Hence the Northnen have been formed into tough individuals well suited for surviving the climate and hardships they are faced with on daily basis.

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