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The harsh terrain of the Northlands
The harsh terrain of the Northlands

The lands located north of the Snowy Peaks are known as the Northlands. Very few non-natives ever set their foot there, because the only way of getting there is either by boat or across the mountain range. However, no known passages across the Snowy Peaks are known to exist, but old legends speak of pathways leading across the mighy mountains mined by the dwarves in the Second Age.

The central part of the region consists out of a treeless plateau where extreme blizzards are known to rage. The plateau is surrounded by numerous glaciated mountain ranges that extend up to almost five thousand feet in elevation. Almost all of the Northlands are under exceptionally deep permafrost and the only tree that can thrive is the deciduous Northern Larch with its very shallow roots. The exception are the dense pine forests that grow upon the subterranean hot springs, where permafrost is largely absent.

The Northlands are savage lands. The sun rarely shines through the heavy clouds, the temperature is freezing and it snows all year around. Various tribes of barbarians inhabit the region, with those along the coast providing for themselves through fishing, whilst the communities inland make a living through hunting. Cold has never been an issue for the hardy inhabitants of the Northlands. They have all adapted to the climate, enduring hardships that would easily kill softer men.

The Northlands have never been under one rule. The region is simply too vast and rugged to be conquered. There are, however, many tribal territories and small kingdoms claimed by chieftains and kings. The most prominent ones are Ulvhavn, Hrafnirheim, Clandurmark, Ismark, Gironia and Moon Glade, realm of the Eiotharin.

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