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City State founded by Agafiya Yakov in 780 IV



Deep in the Snowy Peaks, the ancient Irinthar ruins are alive. Not with Mórail, but a xenophobic group of Haerianite fanatics, the survivors of the ancient Arinthian state. Forced into the Snowy Peaks after the eruption of Mount Doom in 780 IV, the Arinthians have since made a tremendous, and tremendously aggressive, comeback, colonizing the vast and ancient Irinthar settlements, and driving whatever they find out of the region.

While most of Novy Arinthia cannot be seen from the surface, old Irinthar watchtowers have been refurbished, and occasionally lights are seen up in the mountains at night. Only the aggressive or the truly desperate risk those towers, however, as the Arinthian patrols enslave any humans who come into their territory, and kill everyone else.


Arinthia is self-supporting, as it needs to be -- it has no trading partners, and their immediate neighbors produce nothing of value save hides, meat, and violence. Vegetable life in Novy Arinthia is nearly non-existent, mostly consisting of intensively-farmed mushrooms. The vast majority of the food otherwise obtained by the Arinthians comes via hunting and carefully-managed subterranean fisheries.

The skilled Arinthian smiths, renowned across Charun, have retained the ability to produce arms and armour, as well as tools, mostly due to old Irinthar mines which have been restored since the founding of the State. That said, the Snowy Peaks is a distinctly hostile environment, and while the Arinthians have maintained an economy of "hard goods," fabrics, etcetera, are in extremely short supply. Where once the Arinthians were known for producing wool, now it is common to find them dressed in heavy furs when outside. Guards and those working wear heavy clothes indoors, but the majority of the laboring citizens wear nearly nothing when indoors, in order to minimize wear and tear on their garments. Similarly, while Templars enjoy the luxury of tailored armor, almost all other goods of Arinthian manufacture are made to be "one size fits most" -- even down to the Arinthians' boots.

Arinthians are known to raid onto the Corpse Trail, and are specifically known for methodically hunting any parties of Fearanni or Dhazzir who can be discovered lurking nearby. It is rumored that the Islean Fist of Order vigilante/mercenary company, ancient Arinthian allies in the Isles, is allowed to deliver captured Fearanni and Dhazzir slaves to the Arinthians, but the Fist has not confirmed this, and it has never been witnessed. If the rumor is true, it is likely that captured Fearanni and Dhazzir enjoy a short and extremely unpleasant lifespan. It is known, however, that the Fist's central armories possess an unusual number of Arinthian "issue weapons," and that occasionally Arinthians are found possessing items of foreign manufacture. Whether these were indeed trade items, or were taken from enemies on the Corpse Trail, none can say.


The main striking force of the Arinthian army consists of especially zealous followers of Haerian, known as Templars. This 1200-man strong force is known as the Templar Army. Covered from head to toe in fine plate and wielding weapons of utmost quality, they are considered a lethal foe by all nations in the world. Even though their numbers are relatively small, it is common knowledge that one Arinthian templar can put up a fight facing as many as ten regular soldiers or militia men. The Templar army is commanded by High Templars, fearsome officers who all are high priests in the Arinthian church of Haerian. The Templars are recruited from warriors who are chosen for their excellent performance in combat.

Alongside the Templars, Arinthian priests are now expected to engage in front-line combat on a regular basis. The Order of Inquisitors maintains itself in high order, tending to the needs of combatants and providing divine support to society. To be inducted into either the Inquisitors or Templars is one of the highest honors any Arinthian can receive, and it is reserved only for the most effective and most devout.

The previous Arinthian military system has been irrevocably altered due to their change in circumstances. Levy troops can no longer depend on light armor and crossbows, but must be prepared to take on Urmen at close quarters in order to hold choke points. With the exception of mountaineering scouts, even the most junior Arinthian recruit is decked out in expertly-made heavy armor, typically of scale so that it can be easily re-issued. While crossbows and arbalests remain popular weapons, particularly for their long range and stopping power. Scouts are known to make use of longbows, on the other hand, specifically in order to recycle captured enemy arrows.

The Arinthians appear to be heavily-drilled in terms of response to crisis situations, and all will either instantly flee with children in good order, or else arm themselves with whatever is to hand from carefully-staged stockpiles and serve as combatants. Every Arinthian child over the age of seven is trained in the use of the crossbow, and even these are known to be utterly without mercy in defense of their homes.


Haerian is the only god and power within Arinthia, and faith dominates the better part of the society. Priests are regarded as the the nobility of Arinthia, enjoying the respect and reverence of all the people.

All Arinthians gather on every Godsday for a ceremony that lasts several hours, and repeated daily attendance for shorter periods is standard. They are held in each and everyone of the numerous chapels found in their realm. While the location of daily attendance varies based upon one's duties, Arinthians usually frequent the same temple for weekly services for their entire lives.

Novy Arinthia is even more extreme than Arinthia was in its religious practices, and the always-communitarian Arinthian society now appears to be run as a nearly monastic state. Inquisitors are quite common, and rumors suggest that as many as one in twelve hear the calling of divine service. How many truly do is, of course, unknown.


The Arinthians originate from the realm of Narghal that rose and fell in the Second Age. The royal family of Narghal was infected with vampirism, which resulted in a civil war in 5976 II between the knights of Narghal and the royal family and their hordes of undead servants. The war was quick and bloody and the forces of good saw themselves defeated. The knights and commoners had to flee the region in order to escape certain death or even worse - eternal life as lackeys to the vampires. One group of refugees fled to the coast of the Fierce Sea and founded the state of Arinthia that flourished until the eription of Mount Doom spelled its doom.

Novy Arinthia was founded from among the survivors of Mount Doom's eruption, to a large extent based on the efforts of Bohdan and Agafiya Yakov, merchants who were stationed in the Three Isles at the time of the eruption. When Mount Doom revealed its worst side, the Arinthians fled in the best order possible up into the Snowy Peaks, leaving behind rear-guards, and placing slaves on the outside of their march formations where they were used as disposable shields to the depradations of the Narghali least vampires. Few survived the trip, and those who did were desperately short of supplies.

Bohdan and his daughter Agafiya Yakov recruited three score mercenaries from the Fist of Order vigilante company on a suicide mission, in exchange for the Arinthian's Islean assets and equipment stockpiles. Those engaged in the mission were known for a combination of combat and stealth skills. While the majority of the Fist was predictably slaughtered working their way back out of the Arinthian ruins, along with Bohdan Yakov himself, Agafiya and a handful of mercenaries managed to bring a number of priceless Haerian artifacts up into the Snowy Peaks. The resulting boost to Arinthian morale was overwhelming, and against all odds, nearly a thousand Arinthians survived the next year, hunting, exploring, and expelling Cavers and Urmen from the Irinthar holdings.

Arinthian resourcefulness and discipline has provided the rest, with their population having rebounded surprisingly well over time once the survivors developed new civil and military methods. The Irinthar holdings were vast, and it is entirely possible that the Arinthians have actually been more successful than the world suspects.

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Population: Unknown. Estimates range from eight to forty-five thosuand.

Army: 1200 Templars of Arinthia, Unknown numbers of soldiers and Inquisitors (military priests)

Government form: Theocracy

Current Ruler: King Fredek

Demographics: 100% Human (Narghali)

Heraldic Colours: Grey and black.

Natural Resources: Iron, wood, stone

Manufactured Goods: Weapons, armour, iron-tools, woodwork, religious items

Wealth: Average-to-poor (plentiful valuable metals and minerals, dearth of normal soft goods and luxury items)

Allies: Fist of Order Mercenary Group (rumored)

Enemies: Everyone

Religion: Haerian

Illegal Deities: All except for Haerian

Climate: Alpine/Subterranean

Terrain: Mountains, Caverns, Fortresses, Urban (subterranean)

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