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City State founded by Randvar Leikrson in 362 IV
Destroyed in the Old Land Stand war in 364 IV




Located at the coast of Reef Ocean, in the southeastern Old Land, Nyhavn was a sight seldom seen outside the Northlands. Both the buildings and defenses were constructed according to Northman traditions by the hardy settlers, out of which the majority hailed from Ulvhavn. Coastal plains met rolling hills in the region, providing fertile land ideal for farming. However, all fields were found within the walls, due the surrounding dangers were too great.

The port held a small shipyard used for repairing the many Northman vessels stopping there to resupply. Besides trading goods, these ships were known to take passengers with them to the north, given that there were room.

The main buildings were such usually found in Northman settlements: a great hall, a smithy and barracks for the warriors. It was from the great hall that the Lord of Nyhavn, or "hovding", Randvar Leikrson ruled.

With the Kanjite invasion in 364 IV, which led to the Old Land Stand war, Randvar Leikrson was forced to burn the settlement rather than leave it in Kanjite hands.

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Nyhavn used the Northman law, even though it had been slightly influenced by the moral compass of it's ruler since becoming autonomous from Ulvhavn.

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Nyhavn's main income was "Gjald" paid by Ulvhavn for using the harbour to resupply in during their voyages southward. It was enough to support Nyhavn's army and the maintenance of the settlement. The settlers dwelling in Nyhavn supported themselves through farming and livestock. There were no funds for expanding neither the army nor the settlement itself.


Nyhavn's force of men was built according to the Northman traditions. It was called a "Hird" and it's warriors "Housecarls". Nyhavn afforded 20 Housecarls, including two officers, or "Thegns" as they are known.

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Even though Northman law and traditions seldom prohibit any faiths, the situation was another in Nyhavn. Having been drawn into hostilities with representatives of certain faiths since his arrival to the Old Land made Randvar to reconsider. He was known to scorn religions where lack of honour and selfishness taint the teachings.


Randvar Leikrson was sent by Eirikur Ivarson, King of Ulvhavn, to the Old Land in 355 IV with the mission of mapping out the region. He was to establish a colony and trading post for Northman ships to resupply in. Randvar had finally in 360 IV established strong enough alliances in the region to begin building what was to become Nyhavn. King Eirikur was pleased with the development and gave him the title of Jarl, with the right of ruling the colony and having a hird, which is a gathering of warriors in his service.

The struggle over the throne that followed King Eirikur's death in 361 IV brought a stop to commerce, which greatly drained the Ulvhavian treasury. This eventually led to the new king pulling back his support from the Nyhavn colony, since it could not be afforded. Randvar Leikrson was offered returnal to Ulvhavn, with the right to his title "Jarl" and to his hird - but he denied it. Instead he set out on the endeavour to establish Nyhavn as a nation of its own.


Population at the time of it's destruction: 58 including the army. 26 out of the 58 consisted of family members to 8 of the warriors serving in the army.

Army: The Nyhavn Hird, consisting of 20 Housecarls.

Government form: Barbarian Monarchy

Current Ruler: Hovding Randvar Leikrson

Demographics: 90% Northman, 10% other

Heraldic Colours:

Natural Resources: Barley and oats, livestock

Manufactured Goods: No goods manufactured for export.

Wealth: Below average




Illegal Deities:


Terrain: Coastal Plains, Hills

Major Geographical Features


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