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10th of Giarda 364 IV - 1st of Zurkah 364 IV

The eastern nation Kanjo had for long planned to establish themselves in the Old Land, from where they could govern their trade in the Western Lands. The Old Land took suddenly an unexpected turn in 363 IV, when aspiring nations were founded in the former wilderness. The Kanjite saw shorelines and strategically important locations be claimed, which would make their expansion impossible. The apsiring nations in the form of the Wild Hills, Nyhavn and Teardrop had to be dealt with.

A delegation was thus sent to the region in the end of Slanach 364 IV, with the mission to approach the three local lords claiming the better portion of the region; Tyren Darkstar, Randvar Leikrson and Cadman. They were all given the same two choices.

  • 1. Become a vassal state under Kanjo, which would lead to great investments in their respective settlements and an opportunity for them to prosper greatly from their cooperation.
  • 2. See Kanjo establish their presence in their territories with or without their consent. Kanjo would then trade from that location, which would virtually eliminate any possibilities for the aspiring nations to conduct profitable trade themselves.

The local lords declined the offer and stated that any Kanjite enterprise within their territories would be considered a declaration of war.


The Month of Giarda 364 IV

Kanjite Advance

High Commander Mandhatri
High Commander Mandhatri

On the 10th of Giarda 364 IV a Kanjite fleet of 10 warships, 10 war galleons and a cargo ship were spotted near Ormhand's Gap, sailing south towards the Old Land. The ships held 8 full divisions of the Royal Army of Kanjo under the direct command of High Commander Prabir Mandhatri. Their intentions had not been declared, but with the past events in mind trouble could be expected. Randvar Leikrson quickly proceeded with evacuating the inhabitants of his settlement, Nyhavn, and burning it to the ground. The refugees began their travel to Larmenius on the 11th of Giarda, arriving there safely on the 13th.

"Better Nyhavn to burn than those bastards to have it. If Nyhavn is to fall, it will fall on my terms, not theirs."
- Randvar Leikrson

Leikrson also proceeded with announcing bounties on the intruders, hoping for aid from such unexpected factions as the Buccaneers, Hrafnir Raiders and brigands:

  • 20,000 gold coins will be paid for each Kanjite merchant ship, cargo ship or supply ship destroyed.
  • 100 gold coins for each Kanjite killed, any Kanjite.
  • 1000 gold coins for any Kanjite wearing a tiger skin.
  • More gold will be paid for Kanjites of more experience. Leaders will recieve top coin.

Cadman, Commander of the Hill Folk Host, took action in his turn through strengthening the defenses of Teardrop with 100 warriors. Two dozen more were sent to lay traps and destroy the few bridges in the Old Land that could prove vital for large Kanjite caravns. Time was against them, as were the odds. Up to 5000 Kanjite soldiers were believed to arrive within days - a force that could defeat all forces in the Old Land in a pitched battle, even if they cooperated with one and other.

Map: Old Land Stand 12th of Giarda

The Brunir's Cross Rendezvous

The Brunir's Cross Rendezvouz
The Brunir's Cross Rendezvouz

A meeting was held in the Cross Fields, at Lord's Hill on the 13th of Giarda. It was called in a haste by Randvar Leikrson, who had gathered there with the Housecarls serving him. Even though hastily summoned, it was attended by Cadman and 50 of his warriors, as well as a dozen adventurers keen on hearing the developments. During this meeting, the bounty placed by Randvar was confirmed, and it was also supported by Cadman.

Randvar Leikrson held a speech at the meeting, which revealed his intentions:

"Traditionally this is the time for a "band of brothers" speech. Of shared ideals. However, I feel that it is not fitting.
Nyhavn is burned and I am fighting to the bitter end.
Some of us fight fore the betterment of these lands. Others for coin. Others because they just like the killing. However, you must decide if you want to live in a region governed by a singular power, or one with powers of differing interests and ideals. But know this. It will be a bitter and brutal fight.
We are not here do die valiantly...but to make them die....and bleed far from home."

First Blood

The Brunir's Cross Rendezvouz was interrupted soon after sunset by one of Leikrson's scouts. Apparently a fast Kanjite ship had arrived and deployed reconnaissance forces merely a few hours away. The attendants of the meeting quickly decided that it was a good time to give the arriving Kanjite fleet an example of what awaited them in the Old Land. All the adventurers joined Leikrson and 5 of his men, and Cadman with his 50 warriors when they marched towards the Kanjite campsite.

The Kanjite forces were reached just before midnight on the 13th of Giarda, but it had not been done in quiet. The Kanjite launched a counter-attack upon which furious fighting erupted. When the dust settled, all of the 30 Kanjite lay dead, along with 21 Hill Folk and 5 Northmen. The price for victory had been costly.

Both Randvar and Cadman learned a lesson. The Kanjite are dangerous opponents, and they would never stand a chance against their overwhelming numbers, unless more clever tactics were used.

Map: Old Land Stand 13th of Giarda

The defenders of the Old Land scattered before sunrise on the 14th of Giarda. Their tactics were clear now after the first encounter with the Kanjite forces: They would focus on the Sepoy, footsoldiers of the enemy. The elite troops were much too dangerous in melee, and yet so few in number in comparison that the invasion would not succeed with their aid alone.

Randvar Leikrson took his forces and allies to Twigwood, where they regrouped and set camp. Cadman sent the 29 survivors of the initial skirmish into the wild with the words:

"They can be bleed and die, that we know. They can be beat. Their infantry is to be avoided in open terrain. I need you to join the other rangers, setup camp and have scouts on the roads towards the hills and Teardrop.
You are to hit and run, scatter and retreat if pursued, then snipe off what you can.
We will not engage them in any big number until they are in the hills.
The dead are buried on the site of the skirmish, their sacrifice and valor will be remembered"

In the afternoon rumours arrived revealing that 8 full Kanjite divisions were deployed on the arriving ships, which equaled a force of 2800 soldiers. Later in the evening, Sanctian forces were seen hurrying to the border facing Talewood and to the southern shoreline. Strategical points along the coast were strengthened with heavy warmachinery.

Map: Old Land Stand 14th of Giarda

Kanjite Arrival

Upon arriving the Kanjite fleet anchored 10 km outside of the Old Land's coast, where they stayed for a few days without any signs of disembarking to the shore. On the morning of the 19th of Giarda the ships were rowed closer to land, after which 50 large rowboats in total left them - each carrying a score of soldiers. After disembarking, the boats returned to the ships to bring an equal amount of men to the shore. The one thousand man strong force immediatly began constructing defenses some 200 feet inland from the beach, all while the warships and war galleons loomed over the inland with 50 heavy catapults ready to bring destruction to whatever would approach.

A large number of Kanjite reconnaissance forces were seen heading inland on the 24th of Giarda. The Kanjite fortifications were finished the day after, on the 25th. Several ballistaes and catapults were then seen rowerd to the shore and deployed behind the fortifications.

On the 28th of Giarda, the Kanjite began the construction of a new pallisade wall some 100 feet inland from the first one. They also proceeded with digging a trench infront of it.

The Month of Hedon

While the celebrators on the Isles enjoyed the Hedonian Festival, times were growing grim in the Old Land. Kanjite forces were trying to capture and kill Hill Folk rangers hiding in the wild with meagre success, due the defenders of the Old Land were too swift to scatter upon their arrival. The Kanjite had also established their presence in a section of the Cross Fields through deploying the entire 34th Division, who regularly patrolled along the roads.

Randvar Leikrson and half a dozen adventurers struck against one of these patrols on the 10th of Hedon, in which they successfully killed a Sepoy Unit.

Map: Old Land Stand 10th of Hedon

On the 11th of Hedon, Cadman sent a message to various factions in the Old Land asking them for help against the Kanjites in return for great rewards after the war. The first to reply, on the day after, was the Belatim who through the representative Nerman Mibbitjon in return for their aid demanded the Grassy Hills region to be unpopulated and unclaimed by humans. If so, they agreed to join the war against the Kanjites, would they advance north of Talewood.

On the 12th of Hedon Hill Folk rangers discover a pallisade fort being built in the centre of Kanjite operations in the Cross Fields. It is quickly revealed as the base used by the 34th Division during their operations.

Battle of Cliffside

A force of adventurers was led on the 16th of Hedon by Randvar Leikrson towards the area claimed by the Kanjite in south eastern Cross Fields. After failing to approach the Kanjite fort located in it without detection, they were faced with the decission of whether or not to attack a fort prepared for their arrival.

The fort held at that moment more than half of the 34th Division of the Royal Army: 6 Sepoy Units, totalling 180 soldiers, as well as the Divisional Commander, 10 of his Subedar bodyguards and a Vipra battle-priest.

Along Randvar's side was Lord Tyren Darkstar, Coalan LocAmon, Vasa Sigers, Mutaz Numair, Leena Feaf, Fredric, Aeowetha of House Aloel, Aelios, Jake Maggot, Loiza Cuitari, Ruvat Darathain, Sigmundr Hjorvers and Barsak.

The Kanjite force was thus outnumbering the defenders of the Old Land by nearly 20 to 1.

The adventurers showed great courage, or some would say folly, when they decided to advance towards the alerted fort. They were soon greeted by a force of two Sepoy Units leaving the fort, totalling 60 soldiers aiming to put a stop to their advancement. The first clash was violent, but the adventurers succeeded with defeating the Kanjite. With a heightened morale, they rushed towards the fort that was located in Cliffside valley.

80 infantry men, 40 archers, 6 officers and 10 subedar guards met their charge with equal ferocity - led by the Divisional Commander and Vipra Battle-Priest. The following battle is as legendary, as it was brutal, bloody and unbelievable considering the odds. The bold 14 dug their heels in and were litterally buried under Kanjite forces aiming to end their lives, as they fought with all the might they could muster. Nearly an hour later, as the battle was thought to be over, the two remaining Sepoy units of the 34th Division arrived to the fort from inland, nearly destroying the by now weakened adventurers. Through luck and courage, they were able to overcome and defeat the remaints of the division, destroying it till the last man in what is known as the Battle of Cliffside.

Even though the majority of the invading Kanjite force remains in the Old Land, it was still considered a very important victory.

Map: Old Land Stand 16th of Hedon

The Royal Army on the Move

All remaining Kanjite troops disembarked their ships on the 17th of Hedon, as a third wall of fortifications with a trench began to be constructed at their defence line.

A massive movement of troops began two days later, on the 19th of Hedon, when six of the remaining seven divisions began advancing inland. The 49th Division was seen transporting 10 ballistas and 15 catapults, along with several other wagons with them - with led to a very slow movement. The four divisions flanking them adjusted their marching speed to that of the 49th, effectively giving them protection.

The 31st Division was left to man the Kanjite defence line and it's remaining warmachines: 10 catapults and 10 ballistas.

The 33rd Division quickly made way towards Lord's Hill and the Shrine of the Overlord. They did, however, halt a couple of miles from the church.

On the 20th of Hedon the 33rd Division seized the Shrine of the Overlord. The Brunites within surrendered to the overwhelming force, due the Kanjite Commander swore not to disrespect or destroy the shrine.

Map: Old Land Stand 19th of Hedon

Grassy Hills Treaty

The Grassy Hills Treaty was signed on the 20th of Hedon by Cadman and Tyren Darkstar. They thus met the demands of the Belatim, who in return promised to offer aid in the Old Land Stand war.

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The 100 hillmen warriors posted in Teardrop left on the 20th of Hedon, heading towards Trade Town with those civilians wishing to be evacuated. This manouver left merely one guardsman and a score of Darkstar's followers as defenders of Teardrop.

On the 23rd, a group of Belatim was seen mysteriously appearing seemingly out of nowhere, close by the camp where the defenders were discussing their next move. They said that the Belatim would stand ready at their disposal, since the Kanjite seemingly were heading northward. They further stated that the Belatim force would consist out of professional scoffers and wizards.

The 33rd division positioned at Lord's Hill suddenly broke camp and headed north on the morning of the 25th of Hedon. The pallisade work being built was left unfinished. They closed in on the main force of the Royal Army, reaching them the day after at the hills of Dun Craig. The hills saw more than Kanjite that day. More than a thousand hillmen had gathered there with Belatim and Northmen allies at the side, as well as several of the adventurers dwelling in the Old Land. Time had come for a decissive moment in the Old Land Stand conflict.

Map: Old Land Stand 26th of Hedon

Cadman, General of the Defenders
Cadman, General of the Defenders

Battle of Dun Craig

The hills of Dun Craig were coloured red with blood on the 26th of Hedon, as nearly a thousand Kanjite and over 600 defenders lost their lives in the brutal battle of Dun Craig. The defenders of the Old Land launched an attack on the Royal Army in the late afternoon, but were finally forced to retreat before the overwhelming numbers of the Kanjite.

The Kanjite gathered their forces on the evening on the 26th, settling down on the plains west of the ruined tower of Dun Craig. The surviving defenders gathered in Talewood, while some hillmen were been sent back to the Wild Hills.

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Map: Old Land Stand 27th of Hedon

Month of Destan

After resting and regaining their strength after the Battle of Dun Craig, the Kanjite army began moving north towards Teardrop on the 3rd of Destan. Cadman and the Hill Folk, Randvar Leikrson, Tyren Darkstar and their allies had by then reached the southeastern Cross Fields, where they were engaged in planning their next move. After studying the Kanjite defense line, all attempts to attack it were abandoned. The three sections of pallisades, with trenches in between them were supported by several warmachines and a full Division. An attack would be too dangerous.

The Royal Army reached Teardrop on the 9th of Destan and made camp half-a-days march from it's walls. Five Kanjite warships were also seen leaving the main fleet, sailing south on that day.

Map: Old Land Stand 9th of Destan

Fall of Teardrop

The defending forces scattered at the news of the Kanjite ships sailing south. *Commander Cadman immediatly ordered remaining forces to head towards the Wild Hills, fearing that Trade Town and their coastal fortress seized from the Eagle's Ruin would face an attack.

  • Tyren Darkstar retreated towards Teardrop.
  • The Belatim, sworn to defend the region north of Talewood against Kanjite invaders, were seen joining the Hill Folk.
  • Randvar Leikrson, along with his hird and other allies remained in the Cross Fields.

In the afternoon of the 12th of Hedon, before neither Hill Folk or Darkstar had reached their destinations, the Kanjite main force approached the gates of Teardrop and demanded surrender or death. The forces within surrendered, as they had been ordered to by Darkstar, upon which the Kanjite seized Teardrop and placed their forces within it's walls.

The five Kanjite ships reached Port Safe Haven later in the evening, thus revealing their destination. They anchored a short distance from the harbour, with white flags clearly seen fluttering in the wind. A delegation was seen rowing to the docks and travelling further to Larmenius.

Map: Old Land Stand 12th of Destan

Kanjite Document
Kanjite Document

Kanjite Plan Revealed

On the 13th of Destan it became official that the trade agreement between Kanjo and Sanctia had been expanded. Sanctia was to sell both construction material and supplies to Kanjo, which were to be delivered to Teardrop. It was rumoured that the Kanjite offered nearly twice the price that the goods normally fetched on the market. Sanctian merchats were soon now hiring mercenaries to accompany the deliveries to Teardrop. On the 14th, the five Kanjite warships left Sanctia and sailed back towards the main fleet.

The Kanjite conquerers of Teardrop proceeded with renaming Teardrop to Abha Abdurga, which when translated to common means "Shining fortress at the lake".

Randvar Leikrson, his Hird and allies decided to move to Coigreach Gleann on the 14th to defend the passing over the river, would the Kanjite attempt to enter the Wild hills.

A group of Hillmen rangers going through the remains at the site of the Battle of Dun Craig on the 15th of Destan, found a well hidden document on one of the fallen Commanders. Unable to read or translate it, they took it to Cadman in the Wild Hills. It revealed the Kanjite plan of conquest of the Old Land.

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Map: Old Land Stand 14th of Destan


Tyren Darkstar arrived to Teardrop on the 16th of Destan, now known as Abha Abdurga. He was greeted non-aggressively and informed of that both the nation of New Elmwood and Teardrop had been claimed by Kanjo as a consequence of him not accepting the offer they'd given him prior to the war. His followers had by the time of his arrival scattered and Tyren was handed his private belongings from his keep and asked to leave. The gates of Abha Abdurga were opened the day after for travellers, as long as they came in peace.

The development had created a stalemate, where the defenders stood without a plan of action. The Kanjite remained within the walls of Teardrop, awaiting future supplies from Sanctia. Attacking these transports could provoke war with Sanctia, which would be disasterous.

On the 17th of Destan the Hill Folk ruling council of elders, known as the Comhairle, declared that a new nation had been founded: Fearann. It's borders consisting of those earlier claimed by the Hill Folk, and that traditionally were theirs and of their ancestors. Two of the Lords of the Old Land, Randvar and Tyren, were seen boarding a ship to Hillyfield with a number of companions on the same day. This led to many rumours on whether they had fled the Old Land or not, and if the battle could in fact be over. The rumours quickly died when Tyren and Randvar Leikrson, along with their companions arrived to Port Safe Haven ten days later, on the 27th of Destan. Their errand abroad was still shrouded in secrecy, but rumours revealed that they had visited Bardum.

Month of Thilian

200 Hill Folk warriors, accompanied by their Belatim allies, marched up to Túr Bron on the 5th of Thilian carrying the newly made Fearann banner. There is no doubt of that this move was made to bring the troops closer to Teardrop, leading to many discussing a forthcoming attack upon the Kanjite, which would efficiently break the ongoing stalemate.

Month of Saindar

A caravan with goods left Larmenius on the 20th of Saindar, heading towards Teardrop, arriving safely on the 23rd. The anticipated goods were unloaded into the old prison of Teardrop for safekeeping.

In the afternoon of the 23rd, a large host of Hillmen was reported gathering north of Teardrop, which led to an immediate Kanjite mobilisation. Soon thereafter a hidden rope was found ontop of the Giardainite shrine, which led to the Kanjite expecting flanking attacks from the lake.

Just as the hillmen began marching towards Teardrop, all hell broke loose within the walls. It begun with the inn suddenly bursting into fire, followed by supplies burning in the old prison. Panic erupted, as a possible hillman attack was combined with fire within the walls and the destruction of the supplies. This was the result of a carefully orchestrated plan, where two halflings played vital roles. Fiffa Appleleaf had hidden within one of the supply crates brought from Sanctia, enabling her to emerge in the midst of their supplies, setting them on fire. Leena Feaf had in secrecy prepared diversions in Teardrop that would enable Fiffa's escape - such as fire beetle bellies that exploded and set the inn on fire.

Three hours later, the Kanjite sent half a division towards Larmenius with the highly important mission of retreiving supplies to the large army, that within days would face hunger. The force was, however, ambushed along a Sanctian road by adventurers led by Randvar Leikrson and Tyren Darkstar. The Kanjite managed to drive back the attackers, but with heavy losses as a result.

They reached the gates of Larmenius the day after, but the Sanctians did not allow the foreign forces entry, only letting in the officers for discussions.

Map: Old Land Stand 23rd of Saindar


Half the 33rd Division, led by a Vipra-Priest left Larmenius on the 27th of Saindar with a caravan of supplies hastily gathered and bought from Sanctia. Soon after leaving Sanctia, they were ambushed by a large force of Old Land defenders led by Cadman and Randvar Leikrson, joined by 120 hillmen veterans and nearly 20 volunteers. After an initial skirmish, the Kanjite retreated into a clearing near the road, where they mobilised and sent a fast runner towards Teardrop with word of the situation. The Old Land defenders decided to hold their positions.

Three hours later the Kanjite launched an attack. As the battle raged, the wagons turned back towards Larmenius - guarded by just a handful of soldiers. After an hour of fighting, the Kanjite lay dead, massacred by the superior force of volunteers and hillmen. When word reached the Old Land defenders of the wagons returning to Larmenius, they decided to remain at their positions would the caravan attempt to pass through again.

Day turned to night while the relentless Old Land defenders vigilantly watched the road ahead of them. Then, at midnight, they spotted wagons approaching them, guarded by a score of veteran mercenaries. There was no Kanjite amongst them. However, nationality was not a factor when it came to not letting supplies reach the Kanjite, and thus the defenders refused to let them through with bloodshed as a result. Soon the nightsky was lit up by the burning wagons.

Map: Old Land Stand 27th of Saindar

Threat of Famine

At midnight of the 27th of Saindar, the fast Kanjite runner reached Teardrop with the news of the ambush. It was now highly unlikely that the supplies would reach them. The Kanjite commanders were quick to act. They had by now been without food for almost five days and even though nobody was dying out of starvation, they would have to secure supplies for the near future. Within one hour the army had left Teardrop, marching towards Trade Town - set on plundering everything along the way. All warmachines and other equipment were abandoned and left within the walls of Teardrop.

Upon hearing of the approaching army, the Hill Folk quickly burned their farms and fields as ordered by Cadman, leaving nothing useable for the invaders. They carried on by retreating west towards Trade Town and the coast.

The Old Land defenders near Sanctia were by now disucssing their next move. They were exhausted after a large battle and several small skirmishes during the day, at the same time as they were aware of the runner sent to Teardrop. After coming to the conclusion that the Kanjite would probably in pure desperation head for Trade Town, they sent two runners north to warn the settlement. The remaining force would rest and regain their strength for the forced march the next day.


Many things were set in motion around midday on the 28th of Saindar. The Kanjite army reached Coigreach Gleann soon after midday, where they met heavy resistance by the small number of Hill Folk posted there by Cadman. They had created wooden defenses on the northside of River Oir, behind which they had 40 archers and equally many warriors preparing to hinder the invaders from crossing.

The force of volunteers and hillmen led by Randvar and Cadman broke camp at midday after a well-deserved rest and began their 10 hour long forced march towards Trade Town.

It was also at midday that the runners sent by Randvar and Cadman arrived to Trade Town. Mstilav and Sigismundr had ran in light armour for 7 hours after an entire day of fighting, and they were exhausted. Yet when hearing that the signal fire at Coigreach Gleann had been lit, and that the Kanjite had arrived there, they set off running in that direction.

They arrived to the scene a couple of hours later, joining in a desperate fight at the crossing. Luckily the river was too wide for the hundreds of Kanjite archers to reach across, which led to a brutal fight on the slippery rocks beneath the surface that offered a path wide enough for three men to stand side by side. Mstilav and Sigismundr immediatly threw themselves into combat in the cold water. The odds were overwhelming though, and after Sigismundr was nearly killed and saved by the river that washed him to the shore, Mstilav and the surviving hillmen retreated towards Trade Town.

After reaching Trade Town, the hillmen proceeded according to Cadman's orders through destroying all food. Within an hour the Kanjite army was sighted in the distance, as they began to surround the village. With merely 60 hillmen to defend it, things looked grim.

When the Kanjite attacked, they did so with ferocity and desperation, slaughtering everything in their way. Within minutes the village was overrun and survivors ran for their lives into the old well in an attempt to avoid slaughter. Mstilav, Sigismundr, three dozen hillmen and inhabitants of Trade Town managed to vanish into the well and the darkness beneath. After pillaging the settlement and failing to find food, the Kanjite torched several buildings and headed south.

The defenders led by Randvar and Cadman were only one hour's journey south of Trade Town, when they encountered Sigismundr, Mstilav and the surviving hillmen who brought them word of the approaching Kanjite army. It was a decissive moment. Should they evade the army, or engage them? The foe counted nearly 1200 soldiers, with large elite units, while their numbers were just over one tenth of theirs. The decission for battle was taken.

Battle of Blood Valley

In the following battle, named the Battle of Blood Valley, 122 hillmen and nearly 600 Kanjite lost their lives, among which two Hatriya commanders, several vipra-priests and Subedar units. Several of the volunteers that counted many famed and powerful adventurers of the Old Land, barely escaped death. With most of the defenders critically wounded, they were finally forced to retreat 5 hours later south into the hills, leaving a sea of blood and mountainous heaps of bodies behind them.

Exhausted and wounded they made camp. Mstilav, a Nurun and Sigismundr, a Northman, had by then spent nearly 12 hours running, and fought in four large battles - a feat now known as the "Northern Foray".

The Kanjite left all their fallen behind and pushed onward towards the south. The hunger, lack of sleep and all the wounded hampered them, making them travel at half their normal speed. They reached the shore just east of the Sanctian border 16 hours later, leaving a trail of dead behind them who had not been able to surivive the hellish march. A number of Kanjite ships had arrived to fetch them, having sailed from their position at the Kanjite defense line.

Map: Old Land Stand 28th of Saindar

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Month of Zurkah

The Kanjite were seen abandoning their defensive line along the coast on the 1st of Zurkah, as all the ships sailed back towards the east. The Old Land Stand was over and the defenders had managed to fight an overwhelming force, turning an excpected defeat into a victory.

Representatives from the three aspiring nations that were in war with Kanjo carried on salvaging equipment from the fallen Kanjites in the Battle of Blood Valley, as well as taking care of the equipment left behind in Teardrop and the Kanjite defense line. The loot was sold for 210 000 gp, out of which nearly half was used to support the nearly 2000 Hill Folk who were left homeless and without means of providing for themselves. The remaining gold was split between the nations to cover some of the costs and damage suffered in the war.

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