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Heraldry of the Order
Heraldry of the Order

The Order of the Merciful Sword is partly based on it's preceder from the Third Age. Where the earlier order's members consisted solely of knights and in some cases clerics of Brunir, the new one accepts followers of Brunir, Haerian, Giardain and Sirine, as well as Zurkan would it be a question of a mystic. Their objectives are to protect the innocent and reconstruct the nation of Elmwood that fell in the Third Age. The Order is independent and doesn't answer to any authorities. It has, however, the support from the Sanctian Church of Brunir.


Birth: 362 IV
Founder: Tyren Darkstar
Members: <50
Purpose: Protection of Innocents, Destruction of those that would harm innocents, The reconstruction of the former nation of Elmwood
Leader: High Marshall Esean Guniol
Head Quarters: Stronghold of the Merciful Sword located in the no-mans-land north of the ruins of Castle Stern.
Area of Operation: The Old Land
Symbol: Wings of Brunir carrying the blade of Truthbringer, with the hilt formed out of the Overlord's cross. The purple cross is the old heraldic symbol of Elmwood, and represents the Order's goal of reconstructing the nation.


Tyren Darkstar, a cleric of Brunir, had a vision of rebuilding the fallen nation of Elmwood. He believed strongly that re-establishing the very order that protected the now fallen nation would be a step in the right direction, and he decided to seek the support of the Sanctian Church of Brunir in doing so. At that time, Tyren also decided that the site of the order's head-quarters would be located in the now ruined village of Teardrop, Elmwood's north most point, where he began building a stronghold next to the Shrine of Giardain located there.

In Airin 362 IV the Sanctian Church of Brunir finally sent word that they would fully support the re-founding of the Merciful Sword Order under Tyren's supervision, with the requirement of that had to be independed and that it's actions would not be linked to the Sanctian church. The Order of the Merciful Sword was thus re-established.

With Teardrop finally falling to the invading Dhazzir the order seized to exist. It was however revived in 512 IV by a group of Sanctian knights who recognised Tyren Darkstar as the greatest visionary of the Fourth Age. It is rumoured that the Sanctian Church of Brunir funded them and enabled the order to grow and establish their stronghold. They have since then eeked out an existence south of Twigwood, just outside the Atalheim border.


  • High Marshall (Overall Commander of the Merciful Swords)
    • Grand Master/ Master of Sanctity/ Guardian of Tradition
      • Castellan / Reclusiarch / Epistolary (senior)
        • Justicar / Chaplain / Codicer (junior)
          • Initiate (all first time joiners)

Fighter/Paladin = Justicar/Castellan/Grand Master
Cleric = Chaplain / Reclusiarch / Master of Sanctity
Wizard = Codicer / Epistolary / Guardian of Tradition

Rules and Regulations

1. Must be of Good and Noble intent.

2. Members should make use of bladed weaponry wherever possible. Wizards are exempt from this as their nature makes them very unreliable in combat. Clerics however are expected to learn how to use a blade

3. Any members found to be worshippers of any of the New Powers or Evil Gods will be removed from the order and placed on the list of Deviants that are to be hunted down as threats to innocents.

4. Members found to be acting in ways frowned upon the order will be tried within a Magistrate headed by the 3 Grand Masters. Evidence provided must show clearly the transgression committed.

5. Depending upon the nature depends upon the method of punishment:

  • 5.1 Minor Transgression – Temporary Suspension from the order, and a Penance Quest of no more than 6 month. Upon satisfactory completion the member is returned to the rank of his standing prior to the trail
  • 5.2 Moderate Transgression – Permanent reduction in rank (e.g. a Justicar will become an initiate once again) and a penance of no less than 6 months to be completed. The maximum time is 12 months.
  • 5.3 Severe Transgression – Permanent reduction in rank, a penance of a minimum of 12 months, and a 6 month supervision of all activities they complete for the Order.
  • 5.4 If the evidence is circumstance at best then the member shall be released with his ranking intact. However, a 6 month observation of activities will commence to clarify the allegations. If these are later found to be true another magistrate session will be called to determine the severity of the transgression
  • 5.5 If a member of the Order murders another then they shall be arrested on sight, held in custody until all evidence is gathered after which they are to face a trial.

6. In all cases, the transgressor (during the period of the punishment) is to hand over anything that bears the Order's emblem. If this is refused, it is treated as a Severe Transgression and the punishment changed accordingly.

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