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City State founded by Captain Braidbeard in 16 IV

Buccaneers at the docks of Parrot Island
Buccaneers at the docks of Parrot Island



Parrot Island is residence to the Buccaneers; a locale where they can put their feet up and drown their worries in rum and ale. It was early in the Fourth Age when they settled onto the island and it has since become a well defended, secret realm where the pirates make port to store their swag and indulge in some shore-leave. The realm got its name from the many, colourful parrots that inhabitet the island upon their arrival, birds that have become popular pets among the pirates.

The Buccaneers seldom allow strangers into their domain and when they do the visitors are watched with distrustful eyes where ever they go. There are, however, plenty of things to do to distract you from the constant gazes. The city is a small one, but still substantially busy for its size. The streets are teeming with bodies seemingly day or night.

Buccaneer with his parrot pet
Buccaneer with his parrot pet

During the day the streets are accustom to being crowded with merchants and buyers. The Buccaneers gather a remarkable quantity of goods and sell them for reasonable and often ‘discounted’ prices. The wares put for sale range from basic tools to heavy weapons, from chain mail to expensive silks and it is not uncommon to find odd and often exotic items among the selves. As night fall approaches the shops die down, but as the streets empty the taverns begin to fill up. By sunset the taverns are overflowing with patrons that regularly spill out onto the streets with ale in hand; drinking, gambling and scrapping in the streets making the atmosphere at night something that resembles the dwarven drinking games of old.

The island is itself is quite rocky, with high cliffs making up most of the coastline, aside from the bay where inlay the city and its harbor. Tall, sturdy wooden walls surround the city with the docks just a few paces from the gates. Four tall posts stand evenly spaced along the dock, atop on which is the flag the buccaneers sail under. Typically there are three or four ships docked at any given time each with crews loading supplies or unloading their swag. Just out of the bay is a short tower built on a platform of rock that sits just above the water. Every ship that plans to dock is to stop at this miniature outpost and receive an inspection to ensure nothing suspicious makes it to the island.

In accompany with the small city and port, Parrot Island is home to a vast lay of jagged, rocky paths and caves hidden within the jungle found inland. These cave-systems s contain the more permanent lodges for specific pirate crews, as well as their loot-hordes - all well guarded from anyone nosey enough to peek into the darkness, adventurer treasure seeker or otherwise.

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A victim for Buccaneer law, with the proper message attached to him
A victim for Buccaneer law, with the proper message attached to him

The Buccaneers are the unquestioned masters governing the island. It is almost guaranteed that if you have never set foot on the island before, you will be watched for your entire stay. One false move, one off-look and you will be asked, or forced, to vacate. The Buccaneers run the island as tightly and as smoothly as any ship they would serve on.

Each captain that sails under a Buccaneer flag has a say on the normal business of the town. The largest building towards the middle of the city is where the captains stay when their ships are docked. They also hold what could be called council in this hall, where they talk and settle on the best way to govern the isle. These meetings do not take place on any special day, but simply when a problem arises, upon which the captains gather at the most convenient time and work out a solution.

"Dead men tell no tales" is a common saying among the Buccaneers, refering to that it is better to finish off those not following their laws. Therefore if a crime is committed on the island the punishment is usually severe. There is a line of gallows just outside of the walls and the offenders that have been hung there are left dangling for a few weeks before cut down and tossed into the ocean. Even minor offences on the island result in a swift trial, a quick drop, and a sudden stop…


Booty banked within the sand
Booty banked within the sand

The economy of Parrot Isle is bolstered by the many daily transactions taking place. Shops, taverns and exchange markets comprise the avenues of Parrot Island. The Buccaneers make only a handful of their own goods and aside from a few fruit-bearing trees and fish the islands resources are slim. Parrot Island deals with business transactions only on the island, exporting no goods. The taverns are open ‘twentyfour-seven’ serving drinks and food to all walking through their doors. However, the most important source of wealth is piracy that brings in a fair share of gold to the island, resulting in an overall wealthy realm.


Buccaneer at swordplay
Buccaneer at swordplay

Each Buccaneer would risk their life for Parrot Island, as it is where their wealth lies. The small island is usually occupied with at least fifty able men at any given time. The docks house several small battlements, such as ballista and catapults prepared in a moments notice. Parrot Island lacks the organization to maintain a traditional army, however, each Buccaneer knows well enough the ways of swordplay and if attacked they are able to defend themselves easily.

The island is fortified with many scouting vantage points. An enemy ship is seen from miles away and preparations to fend off the attack are made within moments. One strategic point of Parrot Island is the cliffs that make up the islands coast; they are virtually impossible to scale, which leaves only the bay and harbour to be defended.


Due to the fact that the Buccaneers are made up of so many walks of life, there are no specific ties to religion. However, due to the many sailors and sea goers, a quick prayer to Randar can usually be heard as a ship sets off into open waters. Most of the Buccaneers leave behind their religious ways when they step foot onto the docks, and most visitors are asked to do the same. Religion is considered a factor that would separate a crew and thusly it is prohibited and very rarely practiced on Parrot Island.


Parrot Island was founded in 16 IV by Captain Braidbeard when he and his crew landed in the large bay that was to become Parrot Island’s main port and city. The Buccaneers had for a few years searched for an island upon which a port of call could be built. The harbor and the city were completed come the early months of 20 IV.

Several siege weapons were built on the island over the years following the cities completion. Seven ballista and four catapults make up the heavy war-machine arsenal that keeps Parrot Island safe from invaders. Each with incredible range, these fortify the harbor and have single handedly won several battles in the Buccaneers favor.

It was not until late in the second century that the buccaneers began to open the harbour of Parrot Island to merchants and those that would visit to buy the goods from the pirates.


Population: 1600 permanent residents

Army: 800 Buccaneers

Government form: Oligarchy

Current Ruler: Council of a dozen or more captains

Demographics: A merry blend of races and nationalities out of which 50% consist of Buccaneers and 50% out of other inhabitants

Heraldic Colours: Black and white - The Buccaneer Flag

Natural Resources: Coconuts, Fruits, Saltwater Fish

Manufactured Goods: None

Wealth: Moderate

Allies: None

Enemies: Hrafnir Marauders, Corsairs

Religion: Randar, although religion is rarely practiced.

Illegal Deities: -

Climate: Tropical

Terrain: Rocky, Sandy, Jungle

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